Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Loved the Love!

Room 103 was filled with love and smiles today!  We loved celebrating Valentine's Day!

Student arrived dressed lovely.  Handsome young men and beautiful young ladies full of joy and love and ready to share it!  We exchanged well  wishes during our morning meeting and then exchanged special gifts.  Students created wreaths, wall hangings, piggy banks, toys and boxes of love!  All of the homemade treasures were awesome and reflected a lot of hard work and personal effort.

Following our gift exchange we enjoyed looking at the many Valentine messages we received in our mailboxes!

 Next we had a delicious luncheon with the ambiance of candlelight!  Students practiced appropriate dining conversation and demonstrated terrific table manners!  A special thank you to the Pine Glen kitchen staff.  Our lunch ladies prepared a wonderful luncheon for us!

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