Monday, February 13, 2017


During the month of January students in room 103 practiced writing to instruct, and created procedural texts. We created posters and booklets that guided us on the procedures to get ready for lunch, to unpack our backpack and to prepare to go home.  We also wrote about how to get dressed for the winter weather and even created booklets giving directions on how to build a snowman!

The groundhog was right and we will have a few more weeks of winter.  Good thing the snow came so everyone could follow their snowman building directions!

Here are the results of our handiwork!:

Nathan and his sister appear to have had some fun building a snowman!

Vivan made his first snowman!

Austin is proud of his work and gave his snowman a big hug!

Watch for updates to this post as students share photos of their creations!

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