Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When Kindergartners Thirst For Science...

Our class has a incentive program.  When we are successful at doing certain things such as moving quietly through the halls at school, remaining focused through our lessons and earning compliments for being role models we earn a scoop of popcorn kernels.  They are added to our popcorn jar and when the jar is full we vote on how to celebrate our accomplishment.  Last week when we filled the jar Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano expected the celebration ideas to be requests for show and tell, extra recess or time to paint.  Instead students asked for a science exploration day.

If students are thirsting for science, then we had no other option than to spend the day being scientists!  We experimented, hypothesized, theorized, observed, analyzed, and boy was it fun!

To start the day we guessed what would be the fasted thing to combine with hard candy help it dissolve.  Pieces were put in a container with air, cold water, hot water and vinegar.  It took a while but the hot water one dissolved the fastest.

They we explored a faster reaction by witnessing what happens when we combine baking soda and vinegar.  We made mini volcanos!

Realizing the combination of the baking soda and vinegar created bubbles of air we moved the combination into water bottles to see if the air could inflate a balloon.  After few attempt and readjustments to our approach we were successful in finding a way to have the chemical reaction inflate a balloon!

Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science center joined us and helped us evaluate and modify our experiment.  Then he intoduced us to another fun science topic to explore.  Heat!  With the use of his infrared camera we were able to analyze heat eminating from various sources.  When we pointed the camera into Vivan's mouth we realized he warmer on the inside than he is on  the outside!

Looking at infrared and typical photos of an owl we learned  how the owl's feathers keep him insulated just like our coats do!

We also confirmed our knowledge that holding a handful of snow will make our hands cold!

We culminated our morning of exploration with a trip outside to the snow so we could create larger, messier reactions!

After lunch we continued our science day as we talked about germs and  how they are spread.  Students even pretended to be Mrs. Hoyt's germs spreading out all over the room when she sneezed!

Our day of celebration was a tremendous success!  We can not wait to earn more scoops of popcorn as we are already planning our next adventure!

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