Saturday, March 18, 2017

Authors, Illustrators and Bookmakers!....and Readers!

Authors, Illustrators and Bookmakers!....and Readers!

Students are bookmakers, authors, illustrators and readers! We have created books on colors, nursery rhymes, holidays, greeting cards, counting fish, leprechauns, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and more! And there are more to come! You may be wondering what to do with all the books your son/daughter have brought home this year.  Here are some suggestions.

First - Keep them handy.  K students worked hard at producing these projects and they are quite proud of themselves.  Encourage them to read and re-read their books.  The rereading will help them build fluency! Re-reading familiar texts helps young readers become more confident and they practice reading with an appropriate voice.

Second - Encourage them to hunt for specific words in the books, to read them to others and to add details to them! As the year progresses we learn more and more new things that can motivate us to reflect on previous projects! As we begin to learn about digraphs, students can hunt for them in their completed projects.

Finally - Find a special place to keep them.  You and your child will enjoy them for many years.  Mrs. Hoyt’s eldest is in college now, but the books made in Kindergarten are special keepsakes.  They were fun to look back upon as she prepared to graduate high school.  A large rubber tote container works great to help store everything!

With 3 months left in our school year there are many more publications to come!  

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