Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Electrifying Assembly

Last week a lot of energy about electricity was generated!  Mr. Musselman and Ms. P of the Burlington Science Center gathered the entire school for an exciting assembly about electricity!

Students learned about circuits, conductors and insulators!

With the assistance of a volunteer student and a balloon we learned about static electricity and then two students experiments with that electricity causing the balloons to repel.

Mr. Musselman sparked our attention by introducing us to the Van De Graaff Generator.

The electricity flowed through our student volunteer and caused his hair to stand on end!  It did not go down until he grounded himself by stepping off of the rubber crate!

Our assembly ended with a special guest appearance by electricity science wizard, retired BPS teacher,  John Papadonis!  He introduced us to the Tesla Coil!  What an exciting assembly!

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