Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our Writers Are Persuasive!

Room 103 has blossoming authors!  Over the February vacation week a new nook was created in our classroom!  Students can visit the readers and writers area to write, draw, create.  Colorful new seating and rugs along with new resources have helped to ensure that it is a big hit.

Our writer have begun to learn about persuasive writing.  We spend the week after vacation sharing our favorite books, creating persuasive posters about them and will next report about them in mini book promotions!

This week we received a mystery message from a leprechaun named Cian inviting us to tell him where to hide his treasure.  Ms. Sacco stopped in and helped us write persuasive letters to entice Cian to leave his treasure in specific spots in the classroom.  We learned that our letters needed to catch the reader's attention and tell our ideas right away.  We also need to give reasons or evidence to persuade him and finally we closed our letters with a bossy directive strongly suggesting that Cian head our ideas.  

We will continue our writing unit by letters to Ms. P at the science center.  Our next animal visitor should arrive soon and we hope to influence what she sends us!  Our kindergartners can be pretty persuasive.  If they are trying to convince you of something at home, perhaps you can challenge them to persuade you!

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