Monday, March 20, 2017

Persuasive Writers Have New Animal Visitors!

Room 103 has been practicing our persuasive writing skills.  We persuaded Cian, the leprechaun to visit our classroom and leave treasures.  We persuaded Ms. P to bring us a new animal visitor.  Both a toad and some frogs arrived today!
Our confidence as persuasive writers is growing.  Some of us are writing persuasive notes to our parents asking for new toys, play dates, outings and even a new ipad!

We were thrilled when we discovered the treasures left for us by Cian.  Our letters persauded him to leave items in specific spots.

With our growing confidence we were eager to write more persuasive letters!

Frodo, the toad arrived today!

Ms. P. took a few minutes to introduce us to our new visitor and teach us how to care for him.  Frodo has rough, light brown  skin, webbed feet, and likes to jump!

Spaghetti and Meatball are the frogs that are visiting.  They too have webbed feet, but their skin is smooth and darker.  They tend to be faster than Frodo, so we observed them in a container so they could not leap away!  Both the toad and frogs like to eat crickets.  We can not wait until we get to watch them eat!

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