Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read Throughout Pine Glen

In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America, we Read Throughout Pine Glen!  We read alone and we read with a crowd, at the end of the day we were feeling quite proud!

We started our adventure by donning our homemade hats and then began our day with a morning meeting and greeting.   

Next we headed to the gym to read alongside the entire Pine Glen community!  Wow, the whole building was there reading.

In fourth grade, students doubled up and some double teamed!

We spread out to decide which books to read!

Our 4th grade hosts invited us to pose for a photo before we moved on to 5th.

On to 5th grade we went for more fun....

5th graders and kindergartners love to read!

We read in the class, we read in the chairs, we read on the rug and even in the halls!

Following grade 5 there was no time to rest, we moved down the hall to read with the rest! 

2nd graders and kindergartners comfortably share a chair to read together!

Siblings were all smiles when they realized they could work together!
Second graders joined us in the hall for a group photo.

Our day of reading ended with our friends in grade 3.    We were surprised by non other than the Cat in the Hat, herself!

3rd graders were all smiles as they welcomed us to read with them!

3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Doherty joined in to listen to friends reading  The Cat in the Hat!

Both teachers and students were clad in the Cat in the Hat hats!

The Cat in the Hat even joined in the fun when we read with the 3rd graders!

We read with friends both up and downstairs,
We shared our books and they shared theirs.
We read to those friends in second and third,
Yup, we read with them every single word!
We read to the big kids in grades 4 and 5
They could not wait for us to arrive!
We read to the old and we read to the young
We sure did learn that reading is fun!

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