Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy National Kindergarten Day!

District 101 president: Residents rejected extended-day kindergarten

Today is National Kindergarten Day!  This day was established to honor Friedrich Froebel who started the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837.

Kindergarten today continues to be a special place in which children learn and grow while they sing, build, dance and play together!

Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano have missed our friends during the April vacation week and look forward to digging into more fun next week as we begin a planting unit!

Reminders -

Please return zoo permission forms.   Also, please check student folder for recent invitations.  We are welcoming parents to help us with our community helpers unit, are reaching out to make connections with friends throughout the world and invite you to help us make contacts, and continue to invite you to volunteer in our classroom. You contributions to the home school connection are most appreciated!

We would love a few supplies to help us in the homestretch of the year:
Chalk (2 or 3 small containers)
Shaving Cream - 3-4 cans of an inexpensive brand
Water Balloons  -
     - We need the balloons and will welcome volunteers to help fill them at a later date!
2-3 rolls of Bounty paper towels
2-3 boxes of tissues
wet wipes - we strive to contain our germs and messes!

The most valuable contribution of course is you and your time!    We are in need of additional help with our upcoming trip to the zoo on May 19 and will be seeking volunteers for a variety of June activities!   Be sure to let Mrs. Hoyt know of your availability right away!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magical Magnets!

To help us wrap up our study of magnets, Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center was in to visit the kindergartners and shared with us his magnet program.  We learned how strong magnets can be and discussed many of their uses.  Through some scientific exploration we determined that magnets stick to metals like iron, and nickel.    He showed us many different kinds of magnets (such as bar, horseshoe and circular) and told us various stories about them.  We learned about electromagnets.  These need electricity to become magnetic. The pull of an electromagnet is only temporary. 

Mr. Musselman challenged our thinking with a few questions.  He asked if size matters.  Are bigger sized magnets stronger than smaller magnets. We also discussed pull and attraction compared to a push and magnets repelling and observed magnets with same and opposite poles

We even had students participate in a magnetic tug-o-war.

Smart Writers

Students in room 103 are proving that they are SMART writers! EAch day when we write we do our best! We are SMART writers because we:

Start sentences with a capital letter      
Make sure there is a space between words
Always add punctuation at the end of a sentence
Remember the sounds and stretch out the words
Try to make it fun for the reader!-
Be creative and neat with your writing and illustration!

Students were given journals to work on at home if they would like to share about their vacation week activities.

Cracking Up While Learning!

We had an "eggcellent"  end to our week as we enjoyed our bit of Spring weather and prepared for our April Spring break! At Morning Meeting we balanced an egg on a plastic fork and passed it around the circle. 

After filling our popcorn jar students were asked to make proposals on how we should celebrate this latest accomplishment.  
Suggestions included a painting party, an egg hunt and dying of eggs.  Inviting the students to vote, we then graphed the results. We had an "eggcellent" time celebrating time celebrating today.

Our fun started when we all participated in a sight word egg hunt!  60 eggs, containing the 60 words we have learned thus far were hidden on the playground!  We went hunting with a list and when we found a word, read it and checked it off!

We used eggs as fun learning tools.     We cracked eggs filled with CVC words and tapped out sounds to read them!  At a center, students cracked them open, found a corresponding picture on a worksheet and then wrote the cvc word the correct way using only lowercase letters! This was a challenge but was also a fun activity.

We had other eggs that had CVC word families written on the exterior and students could create their own words.

Sports themed eggs held math addition and subtraction equations.  We are becoming quite proficient at our math facts!  

Our color lessons and explorations also continued as we dyed eggs with shaving cream and food coloring and dye and vinegar!  What fun!

At this point in our school year some of us are a little "fried" and the start the April spring break has us "boiling" over with excitement!  Whether you will be in Town or are "scrambling" to get away for a few days, please know that Ms. Miliano and Mrs. Hoyt wish everyone an enjoyable and restful break.  We are looking on the "sunny side" ... as we will see our "eggcellent" students in just 10 days!  

Be sure to see our next blog post in we share our learning about Magnets with Mr. Musselman!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Exploring and Emulating Artists!

We have begun to explore art and study artists!  Our recent emulating experiences have been to try our hand at pointilism when we did dot, dot, dot like George Seurat.  Then we experienced the struggles of Michelangelo by illustrating above our is tiring!