Monday, April 10, 2017

Science and Art!

We have begun our study of art and colors! Our first step was to explore how primary colors create other colors when combined! We read the books Mouse Paint and White Rabbits Color Book. The students learned that the primary colors are blue, red and yellow and if you mix these colors you create the secondary colors, orange, green and purple. The students created their own color mixing equations, and explored the ideas of diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. Next, we participated in a color mixing science experiment! Please see photos below. The students LOVED this and it was like magic when all the colors of the rainbow appeared!

Our first step was to gather 6 containers and add water to 3 of them.

Then food coloring (red, yellow and blue) were added to the three containers of water.

Finally, we rolled paper towels and looped them over all 6 containers.  By the end of the day on Friday the colors were well on their way to mixing!

After a weekend, we were eager to see the outcome!  

We are curious scientists, so we pondered what would happen if we let this experiment sit for a few more days.  What might happen to the water.  Some of us theorized the colored water would get cooler, others thought nothing would happen and others hypothesized the water would go will be fun to find out!

Our explorations of art will continue while we learn about an artist's palette and portfolio and the study of self portraits, the study of pastels, Impressionists and great artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Michelangelo!  Tune in to see future posts of our replicas of these artists techniques and great works!  Be sure to check out our gallery if you visit Pine Glen!  

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