Thursday, April 6, 2017

Teaching Understanding and Empathy

The more we know about our similarities and differences, the more empathetic we can be towards one another.  Mrs. Thompson, one of Pine Glen's special education teachers was in room 103 this week and taught us about the many tools people use at school and out of school.   Some of us may have eye glasses and other may need help hearing.  Some have wheel chairs, while others may rely upon the support of a walker.  For some of us, it may be difficult to concentrate on our work and a teacher may help us to focus, while for others it may be difficult to concentrate because our bodies really want to move!  Mrs. Thompson share some of the school tools that she has and we share some of the classroom tools we have!  We have eye glasses, chairs to help us sit, blankets that feel nice on our lap and special pencils.  

A stretchy elastic band around our chair helps us kick and move a little while sitting!  It was very fun to try.

The hug feels nice, cozy and tight around our body!

The wobbly cushion lets someone wiggle and move a little in their seat!

We even have a tool to help us evaluate situations to help us regulate our emotions!  

Mrs. Thompson read us a story about a boy who utilized different tools, we brainstormed purposes for tools and made connections with tools we have seen before.  Then we brainstormed what a good friend does and how we might be a good friend to someone who might have a special school tool.  Mrs. Thompson has promised to return to room 103 to read our writing about good friends and will teach us about some specific disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  Students at Pine Glen are invited to wear the color blue to school on Friday in support of Autism awareness.

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