Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eggciting Math Challenge!

If you saw a container of eggs drop to the floor, what would  your thoughts be?  Students in room 103 were presented with this predicament today and pondered what they saw.

Students worked with partners to talk through ideas and theories.

We only knew that there was an egg container that fell from the refrigerator.  Burlington District Math Coach, Carrie Fortunato challenged us to share our thoughts, queries and ideas and then solve a mystery.

We wondered just what happened when the container fell.  Did all the eggs break?  How many did not break?  How many were in the container.

Over the course of our hour-long math challenge we discussed ideas, studied the number line, made observations,  created illustrations and developed mathematical formulas to explain our thinking.

Once we came to a conclusion about our individual thinking we recorded our ideas and evidence and then shared them with the class.

We discovered that the container had 9 eggs in it when it fell.  Then we learned that 5 eggs did not many did break?

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