Monday, May 8, 2017

Learning Is So Much Fun!

Ask a student in room 103 what the best part of their day was and they must really struggle to
decide.  Each day at closing we reflect upon our activities and share our favorite part.  A day like today had so many things to celebrate that it was difficult for students to share their highlights at the end of the day!

Today's comments included the fun had outside at recess.  We were happy it was not raining!  Others shared that they very much enjoyed writing.  We are emulating the work of Eric Carle and are writing our story:  The Very Hungry Kindergartner in which we record all the learning we are devouring!  Students wrote about counting, reading, writing and science observations!  

Our young scientists are observing the life cycle of a butterfly and are waiting for the caterpillars to form chrysalys.  We are also gardeners and students proudly toted home sunflower plants that they grew from seed.

This morning we had a guest music teacher who introduced us to a 5 week program in which we will explore sound, rhythm and movement.  We really enjoyed echoing Mr. Mullen and dancing with him!

We used bean bags and made them dance!

Listening to the directions we passed and moved and dance the giant elastic band.

Captain Kelley of the Arlington Fire Dept., and a parent of a former student visited us today and educated us about his job as a fireman.  We learned a lot about what he does, how he protects himself at work and all that he does as a community helper!  It was an awesome first lesson about community helpers!

Fire fighters wear lots of protective gear.  Everything has a special purpose!

Captain Kelley told us that the fire fighters have tools to keep them safe.  If we are ever in a fire we should get out and stay out!

We also learned that if we are worried about something left behind in a fire not to go back in.  The fire fighters, dressed in all their protective clothing will go into the fire to save our animals and other special things.  Fire fighters may look and sound scary when they are working, but we should not be afraid of them.

Braedan helped us learn about what to do if we happen to catch on fire......Stop, Drop and Roll.  This is because fires love to eat oxygen and if we roll, we suffocate the fire, or remove the Oxygen.

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