Thursday, May 11, 2017

Moms Are Great!

  Over the past few weeks we have sew a garden of love for our moms.  We planted a rainbow!  We have learned about what we need to do to plant and grow we now present to our moms in honor of mother's day!  Students toted home packages of colorful plants today.  Please help students care for and present them to mom.  We also created books about our mothers!  Wishing each mom a very special day.

Students were asked to share in a writing experience expressing why moms are great.  Here are some of their thoughts:

Moms are great because:

They are super smart!

They hug us.

They hug and kiss us.

They give us new toys!

They give us kisses when we go to school.

They love us so much!

They give us snacks after school.

They tuck us in.

They make good food.

They give kisses.  

They love when we help clean up.

They hug us in the night!

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