Saturday, May 27, 2017

Protect The Popsicle Engineering Challenge

We have been learning about the sun and it's impact as part of our weather studies this year.  Recently we accepted the Protect the Popsicle Challenge! 

First we had to get outside and check out the sun!

With ice cubes in bags we used our eyes and thermometers to observe the impact of sun and shade on ice.  

Good thing it was a nice day because we had to hangout in the playground while we waited for the experiment to take place!

After testing our theories on what the sun would do to an ice cube, we read the book Making Juice Pops.  Then we explored many different kinds of shade structures by viewing images of them and then discussing how they function. 

Students created sketches of structures they thought would protect a popsicle from melting in the sun. 

On Friday morning Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center lead Pine Glen's kindergartners in a collaborative effort to build their shade structure in the forms they had sketched. Kindergartners, working in groups, spent about an hour constructing their shelters. 

A big thank you to our parent volunteers who joined us for our morning of construction!
Unfortunately Mother Nature did not support our plans.  The sun did not appear to allow us to test our shelters. 

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