Friday, June 16, 2017

Everybody Reads Because Reading Is Fun!

Today was all about reading.  We read with guests, met an author, listened to some 2nd graders read and present reader's theater, created some of our own new things to read and then read with a first grade teacher!  Reading sure is fun!

Reading with Guests
A special thank you to the many adults who joined us for our special reading time!  We shared some of our favorite books and they shared some of theirs.  We also shared our love of song and dance!


As part of our guest reading sessions we invite our new friends to sing and dance with us.  We danced our wiggles out and also presented some of our favorite songs!

Guest Author
 We also had a guest author!  Izabella's grandmother recently published her first book, I Am Massachusetts!   Sherry Lifeset is a retired teacher and she read her book and shared about the process involved in becoming a published author.  She was impressed with our classroom publications too!  We learned that like us, she has to take her time and often edit and revise as she creates and writes.

Ms. Lifeset invited students to work with her after her presentation.  They got to see the book pages as they looked during the process.

A special thank you to retired K teacher, Mrs. B who stayed and worked with students too!

Reader's Theatre
Our friends in grade 2 who presented a show for us today.  The second graders, reader's theater allowed students to become more fluent readers while  practicing reading with appropriate voice and expression.  This opportunity gave us an opportunity to learn with the "big kids" and reaffirmed for us the idea that everybody reads!

You bet!  We visited Mrs. Bourgeois this afternoon to find about what it is like in her classroom.  She invited her current students to share about their experiences and then she read us a book too!

ROOM 103 SUMMER CHALLENGEMr. Golden Sun (Sunlight Challenge) » drawings » SketchPort

We would LOVE to read about all of our (now former) students summer adventures.  If students submit a post about activities or a great book they are reading, we will share it on the summer blog.  If you complete one at least once a week every week (at least 10 entries!) of the summer a PRIZE will be earned!  Prize recipients will be visited in their first grade classroom on the first day of school.
We hope we will be reading LOTS of summer entries!

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