Thursday, June 8, 2017

Math! - Measuring, Comparing, Creating and Calculating!

We started and ended our day with some math and guest teachers!

Ms. Varrell stopped in first thing to share an artistic creation!  We learned about the afghans she has made and impressed her with our knowledge of flat surfaces and solid figures.  Students communicated that the shape of her afghan is a square because it is the same length and width.   She stitched 7 squares together in each direction!  We also informed her that it was more like a 2 dimensional creation than a 3 dimensional figure such as a rectangular prism or a cube.  Like the artists we studied earlier this year such as Monet and VanGogh, Ms. Varrell must take her time and think about her best effort when making her blankets.  We know kindergartners must take their time and concentrate too!

Ms. Varrel showed us individual squares before revealing the larger afghan.  She decided to create a square instead of a rectangle!  When she started she had 50 squares and she used 49 of them.  We quickly informed her that she should have one square remaining.

We were surprised to consider that math is used to create!  Ms. Varrell offered that she uses her math skills all the time at home!  

Later in the day we continued to explore shapes!

Ms. Miliano helped us to compare objects by weight.  We are learning about many attributes:  height, weight, volume!

Ms. Allendar joined us in the afternoon to help us measure the volume of various objects.  In some cases were were suprised to learn that a shorter object might hold more than a taller object if it is wider.  So much to consider and think about!

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