Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reading and Writing Fun With Friends!

Congratulations to Luca who wrote about the fun he is having with his sister!  Luca shared the first entry in our summer reading blog!  See link!  Casey has also enjoyed a good book!

Friends in room 103 have been given a challenge to help all stay connected and to help us have fun reading and writing with friends!
Summer Readers and Writers Blog
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Stay connected with classmates over the summer by communicating through our summer blog!     

Let classmates know what you have enjoyed reading by writing a sentence or two about a book you really enjoy.   Take a photograph of the book cover. Even better, take a picture of yourself reading it!  Email photos to Mrs. Hoyt and she will post it under your name on the blog!  Classmates will read it and can leave comments!Books and Young Readers by

If you have been writing journal entries, stories or illustrating great pictures, share them with us!

Mrs. Hoyt plans to read some new books over the summer and can not wait to share them with you!

How to post to the blog - Email Mrs. Hoyt content to be added.  She will post it under the student’s name.

How to Comment-
1. Click on the name of the student you would like to leave a comment for, and the comment box will pop up.
2. Type in a comment(complimentary of course!) in the big box.
3. You have to input the funny nonsense word that you see, in the "word verification" box.
4. Click "save your comment".
5. Your comment will be published after Mrs. Hoyt approves it.
You're Done!
**Use the back arrows to go back to the main blog page to read and listen to more, and leave more comments!**

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