Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Read Aloud Tips

We are big believers in the benefits of reading aloud to children.  Please make time to read with your son/daughter daily.  Below are some tips from the PBS show "Between the Lions".

* Read to your child every day.  If you can't ask someone else to be your child's designated reader.
* Try to find a regular time and quiet, comfortable place for reading together.
* Turn off other distractions, such as the radio or television.
* Read slowly enough so that your child has time to take in the story and look at the pictures.
* Children may enjoy holding the book or turning the pages.  Invite your child to point to words on the page or help you read the words.  Explain unfamiliar words.
* Encourage your children to ask questions about he characters, pictures, and words.
* Talk about the story with your child.  Did he or she like it? Why?
* Your child may want you to read the same story over and over again. after several retellings, ask your child to tell you the story.
* Older children enjoy reading aloud, too.  They can read their favorite parts, or you can take turns reading chapter books.
* Visit the Between the Lions website (pbskids.org/lions) for more on children and reading.

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