Kindergarten High Frequency Words

The following is a list of the kindergarten high frequency words we will be learning.  Students will be expected to learn them during the year.  This means we expect them to be able to see the word, recognize it and read it to us. We will challenge students and ask them to also write the words.  

High Frequency word flash cards or games will be send home in sets for review and practice at home.  Additionally, students may study by utilizing the interactive practice tools  posted on this page of the blog.

Here are the word sets listed below:

 I, did, the, to, we, like, made, said, and, went    (10)

my, you, look, saw, where, had, make, see, in, for     (10)

me, has, or, from, his, she, by, a, are  (9)

it, no, up, so, an, go, at, can, am    (9)

be, of, do, as, is, he, they, was, have, on   (10)

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten (11)

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