Thursday, November 16, 2017

Over The River....

A special thank you to Charlotte's mom, Pine Glen music teacher, Mrs. Agati who visited us this morning and presented the story, Over The River And Through The Wood by L Maria Child by singing the words to us!

The story was a perfect, seasonal connection to our upcoming holiday.  Friends in room 103 have been practicing greetings, social etiquette and appropriate conversation for  events such as a Thanksgiving get together!  

In the story we learned that many years ago people had to travel my a different means when they went to visit family.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thank You Bruins!

Students loved the presentation by the Boston Bruins this week!  We listend to a positive message about team work, persistence and small things making big differences!

Special thanks to teachers and staff who volunteered to participate in some of the activities.  Our own Ms. Miliano helped to demonstrated some healthy fitness activities!

See more photos by visiting Mr. Lyon's blog here.

Kindergarten Scientists Ponder How Plants and Animals Impact Our Environment?

Kindergartners have been pondering the idea that plants and animals impact our environment.  Recently we took a walk around the grounds of the school and made scientific observations.   See what we found!  We will continue to explore this topic by attempting to understand why these changes occurred.

What built this nest?

Where did these holes come from?

How did a plastic bottle end up in the woods?  Was there always a bridge in the woods?

What could be in there?

How did this plant get here?

What happened here?

There are acorns in the hole!  How did they get there?

Who made these holes?

This week we also had the opportunity to watch or class visitor, Bonnie, enjoy her lunch.  Our leopard gecko was in a carry case and fed a bag full of crickets.  We sat very quietly so we could see how she reacted to the crickets and ate them.

Contributions Welcome!

Room 103 is planning for some upcoming activities and would welcome the contributions of wrapping paper scraps.........squares that are about 8*10 appreciated.  Any smaller would be too small.

We could also use sandwich sized zip-lock bags for our many projects.

Thank you!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fitness Assembly Scheduled For Students

This post has been shared from Mr. Lyon's blog:

Fitness Assembly Tomorrow

Image result for boston bruins

Tomorrow, we will be having an all-school assembly on health and fitness being presented by the Boston Bruins.   Students and staff are invited to wear athletic clothes and/or Boston Bruins clothing. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Share Your Time and Talent

Volunteer - Free images on Pixabay

- Room 103 is currently in need of some volunteers who can help from the comforts of home.  We will be sending a few prep projects along this week.  Thank you to those how have previously volunteered to help.  We will be sure to send you a packet.  If you have not yet offered to do some work at home for us and would like to, reach out to Mrs. Hoyt.

Volunteer opportunities abound in room 103!

- We love parent volunteers in the classroom working with us.  Morning opportunities 9:15 - 11:00 are available.

- Perhaps you have a special skill or career and would like to share and help us learn?  We will be inviting community helpers to visit our room later in the year.

- When going on field trips we typically have a few parents join us.

-Support our needs and creativity - Visit our Wish List tab at the top of the blog.  Perhaps you have some items that you would like to donate to our class.  A few items that we are currently seeking include:  

tennis balls
small white packing peanuts
Wet Wipes- we strive to contain our germs and messes!

We learn that everyone  reads!  Watch for the invitation to our winter and spring guest reader dates coming soon!

Ready to get involved?!

Complete the 2nd half of the year Parent-Teacher Partnership/Class List Form that was recently sent home with students!

NOTE: We are grateful for all of your support as we realize and value a strong relationship with families. In order to welcome you into our classroom, volunteers must first complete a CORI form through the superintendent's office at Burlington High School. Once CORI forms are cleared parents should schedule a confidentiality meeting with our principal, Mr. Lyons.

PTO Clothing Sale

The Pine Glen PTO has made both Pine Glen and Burlington apparel available for purchase through November 27th.  There are pants, hats and sweatshirts for youth and adult available.  For more information, visit the online store site here.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thanks A Lot With Ms. Tigges

Students have been learning songs for our special Thanksgiving gathering to be held on November 20.  Ms. Tigges gathered K students together to introduce them to the sign language movements to go along with our Thanks A Lot song by Raffi.

Please help us practice our songs at home!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Qball Arrives At Room 103!

How do we get the attention of a classroom full of kindergartners?  We toss around a ball and the one holding the ball gets to speak...Students in room 103 has a lot of fun with our brand new Qball today!  Qball is a throwable wireless microphone and everyone loves it!

Boom counting, one of our morning meeting activities was much more fun when we heard our voices amplified!

Everyone was very attentive as the learned how we might be using the ball to talk about waste!  Lots of hands are raised with the hopes that the ball might be tossed to them so they can share an idea!

Practicing our letter sound connections with some first sound fluency fun was 100% engaging!

Our 4th grade friends were in in awe of our new resource too!  
At the end of the day, students had an opportunity to share their highlight of the day using the ball!  

So when students arrive home and say "I had a ball at school today!"  They sure did!

Note:  Mr. Lyons stopped in during our day and he too enjoyed our new engaging resource.  Here is a link to a post on his Principal's blog.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Take A Chance!

Room 103 has been the recipient of 2 generous grants funded by the Burlington Education Foundation this year.    Students have been enjoying many seating options and have had some creative learning opportunities with the Fine Motor Boot Camp!

The BEF took a chance on our students and supported these initiatives.  Please consider taking a chance in the BEF raffle by supporting the fall 2017 fundraiser!

See link here.

There are over $5000 in prizes to be won!

Is Waste Good Or Bad?

Is waste good?

The jury is still out.  Some kindergartners would argue not because it is bad for the earth.  They might tell you that the landfills are overflowing and that waste is smelly and yucky.

Others may offer that waste is not bad because you can compost or make new stuff with it by recylcing.  

In general, we agree that waste trash and in a kindergartner's words, it can be gross!  As a classroom we will be brainstorming what we can do about the quantity of waste.  Any thoughts?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

What Is Waste?

Friends in Room 103 have begun to explore what waste is and what it is comprised of.   Following our snack time on Friday we emptied the class trash can onto a plastic table cloth to explore and discover just what we throw away.

We chatted about what we noticed and then sorted our waste into categories:  food, paper, plastic containers and wrappers.  Next we will be pondering just what can we do with or about waste.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gleeful To Have A Gecko

Room 103 welcomed Ms. P back to visit with us today!  She arrived with a gecko!

Earlier this year Ms. P visited and gave us a tarantula so we could have a pet animal visitor.   When it was time for Ms. P to take Tornado the tarantula back we were disappointed.  So, we decided to write Ms. P some persuasive letters asking her to bring another pet.  We were very convincing and conveyed to her that we understood living these has special needs and that we were prepared to properly care for whatever she brought!

Ms. Ryan helped students ask for a guinea pig.

Ms. Miliano and students wrote about a gecko and Mrs. Hoyt and friends wrote asking for a corn snake.

Like the owls we learned about yesterday, Bonnie, the gecko is also nocturnal!

Ms. P was a supportive and encouraging teacher........she invited each of us to hold Bonnie.

Bonnie loved us and snuggled right into everyone's laps!

We promised to take good care of Bonnie and provide for all her needs.   Students will help Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano to ensure that she has food (mealworms and crickets), water and shelter!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Room 103 has a spectacular Halloween Day!

Students donned bat hats and candy corn necklaces to celebrate Halloween!  After a team photo we headed upstairs to learn about owls with Ms. P of the Burlington Science Center.  

Following the presentation we brought our books and flashlights up to second grade.  After introducing ourselves to our new friends we spent some time doing some spooky reading by flashlight!  

Our afternoon included a story about a witch who created a house from a piece of became a jack-o-lantern!  We created our November calendars, tried some fun math papers and danced the monster shuffle!

Every student went home with some happy memories, 2 goodie bags and a new book!

Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano hope all have a great, safe night
We will be thinking about all our kindergartners out to Trick-or-Treating and can’t wait to see the pictures of students in costumes!

Parents - be sure to email Mrs. Hoyt photos of students by 7:45 on Wednesday morning so we may have them ready to share at our morning meeting.

Students - Work with your grown ups to count your candy. We will be graphing the results of how many pieces each student received.

Lots and lots of candy? - Donate some! The Pine Glen PTO will be participating in Operation Gratitude and collecting candy to send to the troops! Candy may be delivered to our classroom box November 1 - 7. Each box will be weighed and the classroom with the heaviest box will be awarded a prize!