Friday, January 29, 2016

January Ends with Lots of Fun!

We had a busy, fun week in room 103.

Sharing continues with our blankets, quilts and afghans!  We have very much enjoyed our 20 questions games and mathematical measurments!

Room 103 hosted two guest readers this week!

Ms. Pavlicek of Burlington's Science Center read Under One Rock, Bugs, Slugs and other Ughs! by Anthony D Fredericks.  We enjoyed the story very much and realized there were many similarities to The Mitten by Jan Brett that we explored with her earlier this month! Both books involved lots of animals together in one, small place!

Mr. Lord, Pine Glen's ELL teacher was in to visit on Friday.  He read the book Hipponotamus.  We loved the silly story.

The benefit of so many visitors reading to us is that it has been inspiring us to read, read, read! - One of the highlights of the day is selecting a good book and quiet corner to enjoy a few minutes of reading!

Mrs. Hoyt shared an interesting book this week. Winnie: The True Story of The Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh.  It was fun for us to learn that the cute yellow bear that so many of us have and know was based upon a real, live bear!  In the coming weeks we will learn about the first Teddy Bear and how FDR was the inspiration to its creation!

Reading has many rewards!  -It can help bring a sense of tranquility, increase vocabulary, improve our memory and thinking skill and make us better writers, and... it enhances our overall intelligence
(or for us locals........It makes you wicked smaht!).  Shouldn't we all take time each day to enjoy a good book?!  As an added bonus, Pine Glen students who track their reading are members of the reading corp. Congratulations to Lindsay our first 5 Star General!  Thanks to the PTO each 5 Star General will be recognized for their efforts with a special gift.

We are hosting a small snapping turtle in room 103.  Ms. Pavlicek delivered the 2 year old reptile and has encouraged us to observe it swimming, eating and thriving in it's container.  Mrs. Hoyt allowed the turtle to visit students on the rug....but no fingers near his mouth!

Our first grade next door neighbors have been learning about chickens and their life cycle.  They had eggs and have cared for them through the process of incubating and hatching.  Ms. Mills and her students now have 7 adorable chicks to care for.  They are quite cute and can be both entertaining and noisy.  Since we strive to be great neighbors, respectful and quiet in the hall, we were invited in to take a peek at the 2 legged visitors living next door!

Outdoor recess on the hot top is fun.  We love using the chalk you sent if for us.  Thank you!

We love using the chalk on the hot top!

Reminders -
 - Please return the green folders report cards went home in a.s.a.p.  They will be used for the spring report card.  Gold comment forms should also be returned.
-Victorian Valentines' Celebration permission forms are past due.  Please send in immediately if you have not already.
- Our secret Valentine gift exchange will be on February 12.
-Class Valentines may be sent in any time between Feb 1 and 11.
-Addition math fact flashcards were sent home this week..........These are a great practice tool.  We will plan to have a sight word quiz and math fact quiz around February 25th.

Monday, January 25, 2016

More Whip and Nae Nae Dancing!

Video Link

Mr. Lyons and Ms. Zanotti shared a video of the school wide dance party.  Take a look.  There are some nice shots of the room 103 friends dancing!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Resources and more!

Ms. Zanotti, Pine Glen's guidance counselor maintains a blog with lots of useful information and follow up to lessons taught in class.  Please consider following her and receive notifications when she updates it!
Ms. Zanotti's Blog!

Parents and students have shared that they enjoy the online resources for math practice(Symphony) and reading(Raz-Kids).  Mrs. Hoyt was looking into other tools to share and found a post on another blog that families might find useful. This link to a blog post will lead you to a recommendation for five options to help learn sight words in addition to the practice tool for sight words and math facts link on this blog!

Students practice upper case and lower case letter formation using the Drawing Pad App.

We are now building words but we still practice our letter formation.  One of our favorite ways to do this is writing our letters and words using the Drawing Pad app.  Have you noticed our first AND last names appearing on papers we bring home?!

We continue to share our special items from home.  Michael recently brought in a lovely, hand-made afghan and shared that he likes to sleep with it.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Recycling, Writing, Fun Time and More!

The Burlington Science Center Teachers, Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman presented an informative lesson on trash and recycling on Wednesday.  Students were invited to dissect and analyze the trash our school produces at lunch time.  We were then given the challenge to reflect and change the amounts of trash, recycling and food waste we have.

Students were clad in protective gear as they dove in and and categorized the trash.

A day's worth of trash at Pine Glen!  106 pounds of trash!

Analysis done on  trash produced Tuesday showed we had 29 pounds of trash in grades K and 1.  Wednesdays's trash only had 10 pounds of trash!

Students shared what they learned in their journals.  This idea is....."I save food to bring home".  Rather than throw away uneaten food, students can bring leftovers home to eat later!

We brainstormed how we could have less food waste, less trash and more recycling.

Please visit the Science Center Blog and post on recycling for more information!  

Our week continued with other fun exercises!  Mrs. Hoyt decided to start the day with fun and choice time on Thursday!  All students had some fun and practiced soft skills such as self control, empathy and social skills.

Many students enjoyed corresponding!  We love writing letters at our new post office!

Puzzling fun!  Match the letter to the image representing the sound it makes.

Math skills and letter writing on the ipad!  Who knew choice time could be such fun!

Taking turns, listening to others ideas on how to plan a structure, sharing and collaborating are all important skills!

We continue to share blankets,quilts and afghans.  Our fun ways of measuring area have been a hit!

Students participated in the set 3 word quiz and the 4th set will be sent home on Friday.  We are also beginning to learn about addition.  Addition math facts for 0-5 will be a new focus.  Flash cards have been made and will be sent for home study soon.

Parent volunteers are needed for some at home prep projects.  If you would like to help us with some cutting and prep, please contact Mrs. Hoyt!

Report Cards will be heading home next week.  Please be sure to check your child's backpack.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Room 103 Update

The area of Abhidnya's blanket is 15 kindergartners sitting up!
Room 103 continues to share special treasures from home.  Blankets, quilts and afghans are presented daily and we learn from one another before we measure the length, width and area!  We have also begun the process of making quilts!  Mrs. Hoyt read one of her favorite books, The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau.

Our measurement tool for the area of Neek's blanket was kindergartners standing up!

As we learn about books, authors and illustrators, Jan Brett was highlighted this week!  We read and discussed The Mitten, created our own mittens to help retell the story and then learned more about some of the animals illustrated in the book.  Ms. Pavlicek of the Burlington Science Center visited Pine Glen School to help us gain a better understanding of the animals!  We realized that this is a fictional story as it would not be realistic for all those animals to fit in a mitten and they certainly would not get along to do so!

We learned that all but one of the animals in the book are mammals.  There is one bird.  We also learned all but one of the animals live in North America.  One animal, the hedgehog is from Africa.

Animals protect themselves in many way.  A hedgehog has quills, makes noises and rolls itself into a ball.  We practice protecting ourselves like hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs grunt to ward off threats.  Listen carefully to Polly let us know she is nervous!

Two hedgehogs visited us.  Meet Penny!

Once comfortable, Penny and Polly moved about the pen and let us make some nice observations!

We were welcomed to touch the hedgehogs to feel the quills!

The cold weather and snow have been exciting and prompted discussion about the weather this week.  Students guess that it will be even colder next week.  Mrs. Hoyt hopes they are incorrect!  We did decide to write about our preferences as to whether we like or dislike winter.  We also had changes to our recess routines.  We played in the gym and then out front on the hot top a couple of days.  Thank you for the donations of chalk!

One of the highlights of the week was the school-wide Whip and Nae, Nae dance party!  We have all been striving to demonstrate behaviors that are appropriate, safe and kind.  Students all earn Hoot Cards for doing the just right thing.  Because each grade earned so many cards, we earned this celebration!

We ended our week with a visit from Ms. Zanotti.  She presented a social skills lesson.  Sometimes we all have peers who might be bothering us.  This lesson helped empower students to remember they have options.   They can tell the person to STOP, if that does not work, they can WALK away from the person or situation and finally they can TALK to a teacher or adult if the person bothering them does not stop.

Lots of information went home to families this week.  Please be sure to double check backpacks for the February newsletter.  There are details about a secret valentine project and each child's assignment.  We are planning a special celebration on Feb. 12 and permission slips have been sent home.  In addition, our home work expectations are changing and an update was included in the red folders.  Be sure to contact teachers if you have question about any of these things.

Next week will be short, but packed with lots of learning!  Our word quiz is scheduled for Thursday.  We will be making more paper quilts and participating in our reading groups.  Our post office is expected to Open!

Whip and Na Nae - photos

Saturday, January 9, 2016

More birds!

Students enjoyed the balancing bird challenge presented by the science center!  Great job!

Donations Welcome!

We are planning to open a post office in room 103!  If you have old stationary and note cards that will not be used we would love to have it.  In addition, any pretend stickers and stamps that you would like to donate are also welcome!  Students typically love applying their writing skills in the context of our post office.

Friday, January 8, 2016

What a week!

Whew!  What a busy week back from our December break we had!  Our daily sharing opportunities have been super fun.  The highlight is measuring the area of the blankets/quilts/afghans!  

Please be sure to check the schedule so your child brings his/her item on the correct day!  

We continue to work hard at practicing self-control and putting forth our best effort.  Striving to become start students, we raise our hands, wait patiently, try not to blurt out and are good friends and classmates.  This week's star student is Lindsay!

Our math sessions were exciting and lively this week.  Mrs. Fortunato returned and helped us as we explored the 100 chart!  We are also completing a bingo type choice board in which every day we get a new math activity to explore.  Students love have lots of choices!  One of the favorites we creating Zarah's riddle was.....

I'm thinking of a number that comes before 100 and after 98.  Can you guess what number it is?

Each card is numbered and students must put them in order!  10, 20, 30....120

Can you replicate Mrs. Hoyt's counting jar with the same amount?

Ms. Bennett helped us recognize the patterns in the 100 chart!

It is tricky but we can fill in the missing numbers.

Whoa!  Grab a big handful and then count them............there was 46 in one handful today!