Friday, September 30, 2016

One Busy Week!

Twinkle Friends! - This is a great interactive song that we enjoy at the beginning of the school year.

f - fun- /f/

Echo helped us learn about the letter f!

Classmates enjoy coloring when they have the opportunity.

We learn about letters with Echo the owl and then practice writing letters with the Fundations program.

We packed our bags and went on a Bear Hunt!

Students worked with Mrs. Hoyt reading their Nursery Rhyme books.

We created scarecrows to hang over our cubbies.

Parent volunteers began this week.   Thank you for helping us learn Mrs Castellano!

We hunt for words in our Let's Find Out magazines.

n - nut /n/

Alphabet aerobics -

Hands up high for tall letters, hands on hips for short letters and hands down low for letters with a tail.

Time to create ghost calendar markers............October is upon us!

More parent volunteers!  Welcome Mrs. Mahoney!

Reading a books using the ipad.  Students select a book and then listen as it is read to them.

We are experts at rhyming!

Always make time to read!

Working on our October calendars.

Animal Visitor

On Friday we had our first visit from Ms. P of the Burlington Science center.  Ms. Pavlicek led us in a discussion about living things.  We all agreed that living things eat, need water, air and to be safe.  We had some discussion about whether living things move.  We agreed that all animals are living.  It was interesting to learn that human beings are animals.  Hmm.....

Ms. P then presented a crayfish.  Crayfish are cousins to the lobster.  The crayfish is small and lives in freshwater.  They need to eat, they have pincher claws to help them feel safe.  Crayfish need water and air and they definately move!  They are alilve!

The crayfish will be a guest in room 103.  If we do a great job in taking care of it, Ms. P promises to bring us other animal visitors!

Second Graders Are Our Reading Buddies

We met our 2nd grade buddies today!  Friends in room 211 visited with Ms. Varrell.  Each student brought cards to welcome us to the Pine Glen Community and then read us some of their favorite Mo Willems Elephant, Piggie and Pigion stories!  We loved it!

The big kids are so nice, are great readers and role models!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fun Day with Lots of Reading!

Today was a terrific day filled with many reading opportunities!

We congratulated our classmate Sydney for completing her first 5 star general reading corp slip.

Next, Mrs. Hoyt shared a special collection of books loaned to us by Ms. Small.  After we brainstormed about all the things we would like to learn about this year, Mrs. Hoyt shared the list with Ms. Small and she gathered a collection of books on the topics of our interests!

We read our Let's Find Out magazine about Apples.

We read books using the i-pads and we even went to the library to check out more books!

We love reading!

We read books with our teachers.

We read to ourselves in our special book nook!

We read books on the i-pad with the assistance of QR codes and recorded stories.

We read books at the library!

Reminder - Red Folders

Reminder - Please return the red homework folders on Fridays.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Learning Fun!

Technology specialist, Mr. Donoff was in to room 103 to introduce us to the Drawing Pad app.  Students learned about the various tools they could use when creating pictures.  We then each worked on an ipad to draw our self-portraits.  This was super fun.

Mr. Kipp stopped by and joined in the ipad fun!

We have been creating books about ourselves and will be sharing them with one another soon.  The covers of our books will include ipad created self-portraits!

We love books.  Ms. Miliano squeezed in a book on Monday afternoon before we met with Mrs Fortunato to do some math.  The book, In My Backyard was written by Burlington author Valarie Giogas and includes animals we would find in our yards in Burlington.

Mr. Lord returned to room 103 to share another story, this one by Cynthia Rylant is titled All I See.

 Highlights in our days continue to be the connections we are making during morning meetings and dancing with one anohter.  One of our favorites is Twinkle Friends.

 Echo the owl is helping us to learn the drill sound cards.

The coloring/writing table is a favorite choice area.

We practice writing each letter on the dry erase board that we are introduced to.  Then we work in our Fundations workbooks to rainbow write the letter. 

Building the city of Boston again!