Thursday, December 22, 2016

Show and Tell, Read Alouds and Friendships!

We continue to learn about holidays, friendships and relationships.  One connection we made is that no matter what you celebrate gifts and gratitude are involved.  We are grateful for our reading buddies in grades 2 and 4 and sent them some homemade bookmarks.  Our friends reciprocated by making us reindeer heads!  What a fun surprise to have them deliver them to us in the library today!

Our Show and Tell celebration was a huge hit.  Friends brought stuffed animals, electric circuitry kits, books, karate belts and photographs.  It was wonderful to have students comfortably take the microphone and share about their special treasure.

We had guest readers!  Mrs. Perry was in to read Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby!  

Today we visited the library.

Students really enjoyed their time with BB-8, the Star Wars like robot that moved around the room!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Exploring Winter and Bowling with Robots - All Part of Our Innovation Day

We celebrated an innovation day at Pine Glen on December 21st.  Teachers were encouraged to do some exploratory activities that we do not otherwise have the time and ability to do.  Students in room 103 spent time working with friends in grade 4.  Yesterday we gathered and read a collection of Jan Brett books.  We concluded that many were winter themed and therefore spent today enjoying, studying and exploring winter themed activities!

We made hibernating bear heads and explored with a clay that feels like snow!

Snow Dough was super sticky.

We explored what keeps a polar bear warm.....blubber!  When we covered our hands with Crisco, we kept our hands warmers.

We decorated gingerbread men........Jan Brett did write a few gingerbread man books!

Snow Slime is super fun.

We attempted to build igloos with sugar cubes.

Students supported one another and worked very well together.  At times the experiences were quite messy but most did not mind.

This snow did not make the best snowballs!

We made top hats to wear.

The smells of cinnamon and peppermint from the various doughs were delicious!

After lunch we continued our day of innovation in the LTC and attempted technology bowling!  We used Ollie and an ipad to make it roll toward our marker bowling pins.  It was super fun!

A special thank you to the many volunteers who supported us in our adventures today!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Polar Express Day Fun!

Room 103 arrived at school clad in comfy PJs to celebrate Polar Express Day!  We headed to the cafeteria and were joined by all the other kindergarten students to listen as Mr. Lyons read us the story!

Next we enjoyed snacks and hot chocolate.........just like in the story!

With the help of many volunteers we participated in many fun activities!  We played the dreidel game, we made candy canes with beads, colored the Polar Express train and even created snowmen on the ipads using a special code!  

After lunch and recess in the gym we were surprised to learn our guest reader was Mrs. Miliano....Ms. Miliano's mom!  She read us a funny story about a cranky bear who was trying to sleep.  Students made the connection bears need to sleep because they hibernate.

After our story Mrs. Miliano agreed to stay and help us play some board games!  Students at Pine Glen earned a board game afternoon because so many are earning Hoot Cards!  Way to go friends!

Ms. Zanotti joined in with her Candy Land game.

Memory is a fun and tricky game.

 We played letter Bingo and Chutes and Ladders!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Collaboration Continues!

On Wednesday we continued our collaborative efforts and worked on our animal research project with the 4th graders to add finishing touched to our masks and record our videos.

The post below was taken from Mr. Lyons, Pine Glen Principal Blog........
Posted: 14 Dec 2016 07:23 AM PST
Fourth grade and kindergarten are in the final steps of their animal research project. One of the final steps is a presentation of their research. We are integrating technology by using a green screen and iPad to put students in a setting related to their animal.