Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Autism Awareness Day

Student Council presents

Friday, April 7th
Autism Awareness Day at PINE GLEN!

$1 donation is optional
Donations will go to

Thank you for all your support!
Pine Glen Student Council

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More Aquarium Photos

The rays were especially happy to great the kids from room 103 and photobombed the picture!

We even spotted a diver in the big tank!

The turtles were totally cool!

New England Aquarium Fun

Ready to go in our special t-shirts given to us by the PTO.

For many of us, lunch is a much needed break as we have been busy all morning looking at all the creatures!

We had a lovely outing to the New England Aquarium today.  Special thanks to our parent volunteers for joining us.  The PTO supported us by giving us bright green shirts!  We looked and felt great!

We had a great day!

Touching the rays was a blast for many of us!

Sea Lions and Harbor Seals were entertaining to see.

Increase Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Image result for cerebral palsy awareness month

In support of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, the Pine Glen Student Council asks all students and teachers to wear green to school on Wednesday, March 29. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Read This! Let Room 103 Persuade You to Read A Book!

We are in the process of finishing up our persuasive writing unit.  We hope we can persuade you to check out the books we recommend!  Thank you to Mr. Donoff and Ms. Small of the Pine Glen Library and Technolocy Center for helping us complete this project!

Volunteer at the Pine Glen Carnival!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Reader's Theatre

Thank you and congratulations to our 2nd grade friends who took their reading show on the road this week for reader's theatre productions of Groundhog Day.  Students visited our classroom and performed a short two-role skit.  They had handmade masks for costumes, presented themselves with prepared introductions and then read clearly and with appropriate voice and fluency.  We were quite impressed.  In fact, it has inspired us to have a desire to read to one another.  

Vivan read a book to us in the afternoon. In the coming months students will be invited to select a book they feel they could read confidently and with fluency to classmates.  We are eager to support one another and listen to the stories each presents!

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Raffle Donation

Kudos to room 103 for contributing such a lovely raffle prize for the Pine Glen Carnival.  It arrived in the school office today.  A special thank you to our room parents for coordinating this and many other efforts throughout the year!

Budding Biologist

Mr. Musselman of the Science Center was in to share his superfish presentation today.  Our marine biologist students learned about vertebrates and invertebrates, covering many of the creatures we expect to see when we visit the aquarium next week!

The first creature comes from an unexpected animal family for the aquarium, the bird family!  We learned about penguins.  They have beaks and feathers and can be many sizes.

Then we explored invertebrates, particularly the mollusks.  We noted their exoskeletons and discovered other commonalities.  We learned that each of the ones we talked about are filter feeders.  The oyster lives in the tide pools and eat algae.  The clams live in the sand of the beach and use their strong muscle (like a tongue) to burrow in the sand for safety from the birds.  We also witnessed scallops and mussels, Mr. Musselman's favorite!

We also learned about sea stars and the strong suction they have to open the bi-valve animals when they eat.  The lobsters have very large strong claws to help them eat!

Students impressed Mr. Musselman as they directed him as he assembled is superfish model  We knew the many parts of the fish!

Finally we observed a very smart creature, the octopus!  Like the sea star he uses very strong suction cups that are along its tentacles.  The octopus can outsmart it's prey by changing its colors to lure prey towards it or scare away a predator.  Finally, they may squirt their ink out to scare away or or confuse other creatures.  The New England Aquarium octopus is no clever, he has even been caught trying to escape, or grab a snack in the neighboring tank!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nominate a CHOPPS Champion Today

Nominate a Burlington Public Schools teacher today to be this year's CHOPPS Champion! This is a perfect opportunity to nominate someone who you believe has been an exemplary teacher or who has made a significant impact to the Burlington Community. Winners receive dinner and $1000 to the charity of their choice. There have been lots of great BPS employees nominated and recognized in the past - I encourage you to nominate someone this year.

For more details and instructions on how to nominate please go here - . 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lots To a Crow About

We were enthralled watching Burlington High School students perform a few songs from their upcoming performance of Peter Pan.

We loved seeing Captain Hook, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and all the other characters.  Mrs. Hoyt and other teachers are so proud of former students who are performing!  

Show Details:

Celebrate a Teacher And Support the BEF

Monday, March 20, 2017

Persuasive Writers Have New Animal Visitors!

Room 103 has been practicing our persuasive writing skills.  We persuaded Cian, the leprechaun to visit our classroom and leave treasures.  We persuaded Ms. P to bring us a new animal visitor.  Both a toad and some frogs arrived today!
Our confidence as persuasive writers is growing.  Some of us are writing persuasive notes to our parents asking for new toys, play dates, outings and even a new ipad!

We were thrilled when we discovered the treasures left for us by Cian.  Our letters persauded him to leave items in specific spots.

With our growing confidence we were eager to write more persuasive letters!

Frodo, the toad arrived today!

Ms. P. took a few minutes to introduce us to our new visitor and teach us how to care for him.  Frodo has rough, light brown  skin, webbed feet, and likes to jump!

Spaghetti and Meatball are the frogs that are visiting.  They too have webbed feet, but their skin is smooth and darker.  They tend to be faster than Frodo, so we observed them in a container so they could not leap away!  Both the toad and frogs like to eat crickets.  We can not wait until we get to watch them eat!