Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reading to the class

Students continue to enjoy the opportunity to present their reading abilities to their peer.  Our most recent reader was Ali!

Animals need summer homes

Summer Visiting Animal Program

The Burlington Science Center is looking for homes for some of its animals over Summer vacation.
gerbils-tarantulas-water frogs
--The Science Center will provide cage, STARTER food, 
shavings, and care sheet for each animal.
--CALL MS. WENDY PAVLICEK AT (781)-270-2928 or e-
mail asap if interested.  
--Animals are distributed on a first come, first serve 
--All animals must be picked up by June 14th making 
an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Learning Where We Live!

As we begin our study of where we live we start our discussion that we are all a part of a great big world.  Our world is comprised of 7 continents.  Listen as students share their continent song!

In the coming weeks we will be learning about the United States, Massachusetts and our Town.  We will be looking more at maps and exploring American symbols.

Metamorphosis complete - butterflies set free!

Our day was full of many exciting experiences but the highlight for many was releasing the butterflies that we have observed through the stages of metamorphosis.  This afternoon we released 8 butterflies.  We hope to have one more to release on Monday!

Drop Everything and Write

Authors and Illustrators were quite busy today.  To prepare for our afternoon celebration of Drop Everything and Read we participated in a morning Drop Everything and Write experience!  Students create lots of books.  They had special paper and supplies to utilize for the writing and illustrating!  This was such a fun experience that we will be writing books for the next couple of weeks!

Drop Everything and Read

Ms. Bennett read Ralph Tells A Story by the light of the door with a cool breeze coming in!
We had student written books to read!
Ms. Zanotti is not in the dark...........she knows we love to read!  Prepared with a lantern she read a Franklin story to us.
We read with our buddies and used flashlights!
Friends took turns reading to one another.
Mrs. Hoyt read Spoon by Amy Grouse Rosenthal.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Principal is our Pal!

Brooke Naddaff, a former K student from Room103 worked as principal of the day today.  She took her duties quite seriously and stopped by our classroom to make sure we were all working diligently!
Principal Naddaff was quite impressed with all the learning going on at Pine Glen so she gave all students an extra 5 minutes of recess!  We had a great time playing outside the classroom!

Drop Everything and Read

Tomorrow, Friday, May 20th, all of Pine Glen will celebrate our accomplishments of earning many hoot cards by participating in a school wide Drop Everything and Read!

Students are welcome and encouraged to bring in a favorite book from home they are able to read and a flashlight to read in the dark.

We love to read in room 103!

Her are some recent videos of students reading to classmates.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Our study of life cycles included metamorphosis this year!  We are watching tadpoles become frogs and caterpillars become butterflies.  We have learned about lightning bugs and their metamorphosis and even had a moth hatch from a cocoon!

On Tuesday we discovered that the moth had come out of the cocoon and had left the classroom!  Good thing our sharp eyed students noted it in the hallway!

It is one big insect!


Room 103 has shared a love of books with 2nd grade friends in room 211 this year.  Of particular interest has been the Mo Willems series about Elephant and Piggie.  On Tuesday we read the Thank You Book, the recently released book, last in the series.

On Mo Willems website,, we learned that it is Thank You month and watched a video on how to draw our favorite characters. We had a Thankorama celebration with our 2nd grade friends and worked together to illustrate our favorite characters!

Mo Willems will be on tour in Burlington this weekend at the Barnes and Noble!  Students may like to meet him and have him autograph a copy of his book!  Visit Barnes and Noble Burlington for further information!

Arts and Technology Night

This post has been copied from the Pine Glen LTC blog....please explore the information share to learn about all that we do at Pine Glen!

Enhancing Student Learning With Technology

Pine Glen's annual Arts & Technology night is an eventful evening showcasing our students' many talents.  On behalf of our librarian Miss Carney, and myself, Mrs. Ardizzoni, we would like to share our Google Slides presentation highlighting our students learning using technology, digital citizenship, STEM skills, and digital literacy skills across all of our elementary grade levels.  Feel free to pause any slide in order to scan a qr code to access student work or to click the play button to watch a video.  Take a peek at what our students have accomplished!  As their teachers we are very proud of them!

Bulletin Board - Learning Using Technology

Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Poetry Book

We had such a fun time making our Spring Senses Poetry Book.  Students worked on writing and illustrating with Mrs. Ardizzoni and Ms. Carney and loved this project!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Drop Everything and Read!

We are excited to announce that we have a room for of readers!  Mr. Lyons and Ms. Zanotti have recognized how much everyone at Pine Glen enjoys reading.  As a student body each member of the school has continued to work hard towards earning Hoot cards!  If we meet our goal by Friday, May 20th we will have a school-wide drop everything and read time!

We continue to love reading aloud to one another.......see our recent read-alouds below!

Students will be invited to bring in a favorite book and a flashlight for reading in the dark! Stay tuned for a post later this week with more details!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday - Hanging Out at School!

We worked hard today!

Our Friday was one of the fullest kindergarten days of the year thus far!

Special congratulations to room 103!  We had a costume day because we have been earning rewards for great effort at our school work and trying our best to follow all the rules!  We had princesses, teachers, ringmasters, The Hulk and many more join us at school today.

Tia Jess called in from CostaRica
Our guest reader called in from CostaRica!  Auntie Jess (one of our student's aunt's) lives in there and agreed to participate in a Google Hangout.  We were able to learn about her country and ask her many questions.  We learned that she has rainforsts nearby that have monkeys, tigers and snakes!
We greeted her in Spanish and practiced counting with her in Spanish.  

Mr. Lord, Pine Glen's ELL teacher joined in and had a full conversation in Spanish!  It was interesting to witness a conversation and only understand a few words.

Our Google Hangout included a read aloud via an ebook!  Mrs. Ardizzoni joined us to support us.

Our day also included a visit to the library in which students shared their pages in our Spring Poetry books! Mrs. Ardizzoni and Ms. Carney helped us to write, illustrate and create this special book!  Watch future posts for more information about the book!

Each student read their book page to their classmates!

Mrs. Hoyt's daughter, Cat is home from college and joined us as an extra pair of hands.  She helped students with their writing today.

We were also busy writing our community helper books!  Students brainstormed many ideas about what dentists do!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Community Helpers!

We have had a wonderful time learning about community helpers!  Special thanks to our parent volunteers who joined us to share about their jobs as community helpers!

This week we learned about nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and teachers.  We will be talking about dentists and librarians too!

Capt. Kelley and Michael

Captain Kelley was in to teach us about his job and how to be safe in a fire emergency.  We all learned that if there is a fire to stay calm and to get out and stay out!  We agreed that he sounded like Darth Vader when he had on all of his equipment on and the air tank pumping air into his mask!

Mrs. Wilson and her medical assistants from room 103!

We learned all about what nurses do when Mrs. Wilson came to visit.  She brought her stethescope and some masks and hair nets for all of us!

Nurse Wilson told us she has lots of special things she must wear at work.  She wears scrubs and a special covering, a mask a hair net and sometimes even something over her eyes!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cystic Fibrosis Writstbands

Cystic Fibrosis Wristband Fundraiser

Student Council is sponsoring this event to support a close friend of one of our students who is affected by this disease.  Bianca Algeri is a seventeen year old girl who was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  She  has formed her own organization, Bianca’s Angels, that helps support research for this disease.  

To support this cause, we are selling purple wristbands that students can buy from their homeroom teacher.  

Where can you buy them?
Students can get wristbands from their homeroom teacher on Monday, May 9-Friday, May 13th.  Each wristband is $2.  All funds will be donated to Bianca’s Angels, so additional donations are welcome!

Meet Bianca!
Students will get to meet Bianca on Friday, May 13th at 1:15 p.m. She will be visiting each individual classroom. The Student Council asks students to wear purple on that day, to show support for this amazing cause.

Mighty Magnets!

Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center was in to visit the Kindergartners of Pine Glen and share with us his magnet program.  We learned how strong magnets can be and discussed many of their uses.  Magnets stick to metals like iron, cobalt and nickel.    He showed us many different kinds of magnets and told us various stories about them.  We learned about electomagnets.  These need electricity to become magnetic.  Mr. Musselman challenged our thinking with a few questions.  He asked if size matters.  Are bigger sized magnets stronger than smaller magnets.  We theorized that size did matter.....but the evidence, we learned proved otherwise!
He also asked.......What makes a magnet strong?  He challenged students to figure it out on their own.  
Mrs. Hoyt encourages students to take the challenge.  If you have an idea.....please share it......write a note, draw a picture or put your ideas on the ipad.  Test your idea and then we will share ideas with Mr. Musselman!

Hannah was asked by Mr. Musselman to test some of the magnet theories.

Students had lots of ideas to offer.

Abhidnya worked hard to test the stregth of the electromagnet Mr. Musselman brought.

Happy Mother's Day!

  Over the past few weeks we have sew a garden of love for our moms.  We planted a rainbow!  We have learned about what we need to do to plant and grow we now present to our moms in honor of mother's day!  Students toted home packages of colorful plants, an entry in the Town's tomato contest and a sunflower seedling.  We also created books about our mothers!  Wishing each mom a very special day.

Students were asked to share in a writing experience expressing why moms are great.  Here are some of their thoughts:

Moms are great because:
They make good food.
They read to us.
They make good brownies.
They take care of us.
They make good pasta.
They help us when we are sick.
They buy us stuff like toys.
They take us to Toys R Us.
They have parties for us.
They help me do work at home.
They love us and we love them!

Room 103 is Obsessed with Bookmaking

Kindergarten friends in room 103 are developing an increasing interest in writing...actually an obsession!

Why! - opportunity, encouragement and audience!

Mrs. Hoyt recently started making blank 8 page books and made them available to students! Teachers encourage student only to use these books if they would like to publish a book and become authors and illustrators!   Students are guided that the book must deliver a message and have great illustrations.  Then we make time to share our creations!  Sometimes books are read to the class, other times books are read to neighboring teachers and sometimes students visit the office and read a book to school secretary, Mrs. Gosselin or our principal, Mr. Lyons!  This is very exciting!  

We have read books about animals, metamorphosis, numbers and counting.  Students have explained camouflage and have share what they love!  You may find an interest in writing books at home and we want you to be able to help your student write and create!  

Watch video below as Mrs. Hoyt shares her “secret recipe” to quickly make an 8 page book

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clowning Around at the Big Apple Circus

We went to the cirucs!  What a great culminating activity to our study of the circus performers, their jobs and where they are from.  The theme of the show was travelling the world and performers represented 6 of 7 continents!  (Antartica was not represented!)  A special thank you to the Pine Glen PTO and the Big Yellow School bus grant who helped to financially support our trip and to those parents who volunteered to join us!

Although the show was wonderful, Ms. Bennett and Mrs. Hoyt are partial to the clowns in room 103!