Friday, February 26, 2016

Read, Read, Read, Read, Read

...AND read some more!  If you asked us what we did today, that would be our answer!  We had a day full of reading!

Morning work time included practice reading the books we would be reading to our 2nd grade friends!

We started the morning with an extended opportunity to read to ourselves!  Students either borrowed a book from Mrs. Hoyt or brought one from home.  Each person spent some time reading a Dr Seuss book in preparation for an opportunity to read with the 2nd graders in Ms. Varrells' class.

We were read to by the second graders AND we took a turn to read to them.  We also played a fun phonetics game that will help us become better readers!

Mrs. Hoyt listened in on a story or two!

Then Mr. Lyons surprised us with a practice Code Blue and since we were doing such a fabulous job sitting quietly Mrs. Hoyt did a whisper read aloud of Big Al! We really had to concentrate and pay attention!

We huddled together and Mrs. Hoyt whisper read Big Al during our practice Code Blue.

We visited the library to explore and select new reading material, and some of us found a quiet spot to take in a good book!  Then we enjoyed listening to Ms. Carney read, Stellaluna!

Joel found a good book and quiet spot in the library!

Lots of great texts were found at the library today!

Our afternoon lessons focused on practicing subtraction skills and playing a fun game with the 100 chart, but Mrs Hoyt squeezed in a little more reading time!  As we completed our math assignments we were able to read our math books and were invited to complete a mini book review on the book we read.  We have a fun selection of math books to read!  Some of the current favorites receiving high marks are recent read aloud,  Zero by Kathryn Otoshi,  5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed,  and of course One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss! Our recommendations have been forwarded to Ms. Carney so she can advise other students at Pine Glen about our book reviews.

To top off our day of read, read, reading Mrs. Hoyt assigned homework to read, read, read!  Students can select books of their own or can log onto their Raz-kids accounts to select a book from the electronic library!

Room 103 friends are welcome to bring back their Dr. Seuss books next week as we will be celebrating Read Across America on Wednesday!

P.S. - We would love to read your blog comments when we gather in school on Monday.  Please feel free to share this blog with family and invite them to comment.  We will READ your input as a class!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hooray for One Hundred!

Hooray, hooray, we had a great day!

Room 103 celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten today with many special activities.  Be sure to ask your child about our 100 second scribble and our dance to 100.  We also made necklaces with 100 beads and made pictures with 100 fingerprints!  Mid morning we even practiced sitting quietly for 100 seconds!  And at recess were invited to do 100 hops, steps and jumps!  We wrote the numbers to 100 and rolled the dice to get to 100!  Our guest reader today, Miss Varrell read us a book that had 100 chickens in it!  Then we counted our 100 collections.  Whew!  100 is a lot!  

A special thank you to our parent volunteers and guest teachers.  With so many fun and busy activities we appreciated the helping hands!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

100 Days of Learning!

100 Days of Learning!

On February 23 we plan to celebrate our 100th day of kindergarten.  Students were asked to reflect on this, and this is what they wrote:

I learned to do math because it is fun!

I want to get better at reading.

I am better at reading and I am better at counting to 100.

I learned to read.

I learned the differences for M and N and I learned to read.

I learned the math this year.

I learned about the presidents on the flatscreen.

I learned about math.

We were writing on the boards.  I learned to read.

I learned to do math from my teachers Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett.

I know how to count to a million.

I learned about the Presidents.

I learned about the President’s Day.  The Presidents are cool.

I learned art at school very much and I like art!

I learned to make a card and I learned to do art.Girl, Books, School, Reading,

I was sitting with Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Hoyt was teaching me.  I learned about stuff.

I know how to sing.                                                                  

I learned how to read and I learned to speak up.

More Valentine's Day Fun!

Did you enjoy our photos?  We have a had a busy and very fun month of February thus far. Our post office has been very active with friends writing notes to one another.  Later this year, when we practice our home address, we hope to hope to put some real mail in the mailbox to you! 

We see and learn people communicating in many ways every day.  Children observe people communicating via their cell phones with calls and texts and Mrs. Hoyt reads and projects emails she receives (Like the ones with pictures you send along!). We use this blog to share lots of information with families at home.  We want students to know that you are their audience and that this also allows for some communication back to us.  Please feel free to make a comment about the festive pictures you have viewed.  The blog administrator(Mrs. Hoyt) will post them and share them with students when we return from vacation.  If you have family around the world who may enjoy seeing these and past posts, please share our link and encourage them to comment...we would love to hear from you all!