Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Readers are Sharing Their Favorites

Readers and Writers from room 103 were challenged to share over the summer.  Students have enjoyed a variety of books thus far.

A Girls Best Friend, The Night Before First Grade and Pinkalicious have been some of the favorites thus far.  Everyone still loves reading Elephant and Piggie books!  We like to read inside our cool houses on the couch or on our bed.  Has anyone been reading outside or at the beach?

Visit the summer reading blog to find out about other books and to share what you are reading and writing!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Advice For Incoming Kindergarteners

Kindergarten, here we come!

To help our incoming students prepare for the year ahead, our now first graders wrote some advice for future room 103 students.  Read below to find out what they have to say:

You don’t have to be nervous.  You should be excited about kindergarten!

I love books and did lots of reading in my classroom.

You do not need to be scared because kindergarten is really cool.

Oh kindergartners, don’t be scared.  My kindergarten was so so fun.  It was a fun time and the best year.

At lunch, eat before you talk to each other.

We made lots of books and I did not need to be nervous at school.

You can make lots of friends at recess.  I love it.  It is awesome.

Just being at school is fun, but try to do your best work.  

In kindergarten you will learn math.  

The teachers are nice and they teach us to be nice.  We went to the Aquarium in Boston and we learned about a baby shark.

I made new friends in Kindergarten.

I liked when I made new friends.  I love math.  It is fun.

Don’t be nervous!

I love my friends.

Kindergarten is the best and you learn lots of math!

We did fun art and math and read books.  I like sitting on the rug.  I was scared in the beginning, but it was great!

Kindergarten is fun because you will learn and play and have friends!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Friends From Room 103 Look Forward to First Grade

In June we thought about what we hoped to learn in first grade.  Here are our aspirations:

I want to write better because I need to work on it.  I am going to become an author.

I can’t wait for my music class and I can’t wait to do more shake breaks and make more books!

I like to go in first grade because I love to do math.

I want to be in first grade an artist.

I would like to learn how to do first grade math.

More reading!  More books!  Do you have mystery books?  I want more math.

I want to do math because it is hard.  Math is awesome.  I love math!

I want to learn about art.  I want to learn about shake breaks.  I want to learn about the gym.

I want to learn to write better.  I want to learn about the gym.

I want to go to gym class.  I want to play duck, duck, goose!

I want to get shake breaks and I want to make books and do some more art and go to the gym.

I want to learn more shake breaks.

I want to be in first grade and be an artist.

I want to learn about doctors and I am so excited to come to first grade and I want more shake dances.

I in first grade I want to make more books.

In first grade I want to do math and in first grade I want to have fun.  I want to paint and I want to go to the art room.

I want to go to the gym class and I want to learn shake breaks and I want to read a book.  

I want to learn about math because math is hard.  

I like math and want to do it with the first graders.

Students also wrote advice for incoming Kindergartners. Check back soon to learn how to be prepared for kindergarten!