Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fox In Socks a Success....

Red socks, pink socks,  green socks, blue.  Each of the students was wearing two!  

We had a fun day in our funny socks!

Wednesday is "Wacky Wednesday"
Let’s get silly!  
Wear your clothes backwards, inside out, or mismatched.

Pine Glen Student Council Fundraiser

Pillow Pet Fundraiser!
Let’s work together to raise money to help children at Mass General Hospital!

Friday, March 17th

$1 donation required to wear pajamas.  
$2 to wear pajamas and a stuffed animal.  
Additional donations welcome!

All the money will be used to buy Pillow Pets for children at Mass General Hospital!

Thank you for your support

PG Student Council

Pine Glen Carnival is Coming!

Each class is asked to support the carnival by contributing a classroom raffle item.  Room parents from 103 will be in touch via email and a notice to invite you to participate.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hooray, hooray, we had a great day!

Hooray, hooray, we had a great day!

Room 103 celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten today with many special activities.  Be sure to ask your child about our 100 second scribble and see our 100 seconds of being frozen like a statue!

We also made necklaces with 100 beads and made pictures with 100 fingerprints!  We even practiced sitting quietly for 100 seconds!  Then we counted our 100 collections.  Whew!  100 is a lot!  

Today was also that start of our Read Across America Celebration - we wore our pjs and read Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book.

Our 100 pictures were colored carefully!

We built 100 words with magnets

We wrote about our 100th day with Ms. Miliano.

100 second scribble was tiring!

A new visitor greeted us today too to help us dive right in and celebrate!  We have a red fish and a blue fish.......sound like a Dr. Seuss title?  

100 sticks takes up more space than 100 pennies!

100 beads do not take up a lot of space.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Play And Fun - The Best Way To Learn!

Students recently took home the newest set of sight words to practice.  Like previous sets, these words are presented for practicing in a game format.  It sure looks like the stack and read game is a hit.  Luca is even teaching his sister the words!

If you can read the word then you can stack them.....look how big the tower is!

Over the course of the school year we have had a stacking game, a snowball game, pancake words, rotten apples and soon to come the baking cookies game!  We love learning with games!

Reminder, for a full list of our kindergarten words click on the high frequency words tab at the top of the blog.  There are links to interactive practice tools for students to try out too!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Read Across America Plans!

Read Across America!

... Dr Seuss | by ...

Read Across America is a week long celebration of our love for reading! Read Across America day is on March 2nd, which is Dr. Suess’ birthday.

Follow along with the schedule to see how your child can celebrate with us. Thank you!

Monday, February 27 - 100th day celebration!  “Sleep Book” Students are welcome to wear their pajamas. - We are asking students to create a 100th day collection to share on this day.  Please see previous 100th day notice for details.

Tuesday, February 28- “Fox in Sox”- wear silly or mismatched socks. Students are invited to bring their favorite book to school! - Be prepared to share why it is special to them and why they might want others to read it.  

Wednesday, March 1- “Wacky Wednesday” - Let’s get silly!  
Wear your clothes backwards, inside out, or mismatched.

Thursday, March 2 - “Cat in the Hat”- cafeteria will offer “Green Eggs and Ham” today! Students are welcome to bring a book to school that they can read independently.  We will be celebrating Read Across America by reading throughout Pine Glen!  

Friday, March 3 - Bring in a Dr. Seuss book to read and share!  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sign Language Alphabet

 Throughout the month of February we practiced a few songs for Valentine's Day.  One of our favorites has been learning to sign the alphabet along to the the song "A Your Adorable".  Students have learned to communicate in many ways this year.  We know our upper and lower case letters, we speak to one another and can read one another's faces and non-verbal signs and now we can sign!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Loved the Love!

Room 103 was filled with love and smiles today!  We loved celebrating Valentine's Day!

Student arrived dressed lovely.  Handsome young men and beautiful young ladies full of joy and love and ready to share it!  We exchanged well  wishes during our morning meeting and then exchanged special gifts.  Students created wreaths, wall hangings, piggy banks, toys and boxes of love!  All of the homemade treasures were awesome and reflected a lot of hard work and personal effort.

Following our gift exchange we enjoyed looking at the many Valentine messages we received in our mailboxes!

 Next we had a delicious luncheon with the ambiance of candlelight!  Students practiced appropriate dining conversation and demonstrated terrific table manners!  A special thank you to the Pine Glen kitchen staff.  Our lunch ladies prepared a wonderful luncheon for us!