Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting Week and Spooktacular Day!

We have a had a busy, fun week that ended with a spooktacular day!

We have worked hard with learning about the computers in the computer lab and on Friday we were able to apply some of our animal family knowledge in creating some new animals and then we created jack-o-lanterns on line!

Oct. 30 was also hat day!  Mrs. Ardizzoni was prepared with her  explorer's hat!  We explained how we could use the computers to create our Wild Self Animals!

We spent some time studying pumpkins, how they grow and some of their attributes.  We estimated the number of seeds in Mrs. Hoyt's pumpkin and then Mr. Hoyt carved it for us!  There were 513 seeds!  Wow!

Students asked for a scary, angry, happy Jack-o-Lantern

"Ms. Zanotti and Mr. Lyons hosted an assembly yesterday with all the the different grades about being Appropriate, Safe and Kind (ASK) in school. Ms. Pavlicek, from the Burlington Science Center, joined the assembly with an owl named Scout who literally does "hoot." When staff see students displaying behaviors that are Appropriate, Safe and Kind, they will recognize these positive behaviors with a Hoot Card. The area outside the conference room, the "Owl's Nest," will display the number of Hoot cards the different grades received to recognize their positive behaviors. We are very excited to promote and recognize the many positive behaviors at Pine Glen Elementary School."
(Taken from Mr. Lyon's blog)

Ms. P and Scout the owl.

Our week ended with some pumpkin and Halloween fun!  We made candy corn necklaces with the help of Lindsay's mom and wore them with our bat hats!

We drew and labeled the cross-section of a pumpkin and have begun some work on our next book about Squanto!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Animal Family presentation

Our students are so proud of themselves and are eager to share their work!  What a pleasure it was for Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett to watch the reactions of our students as they watched and listened to their presentations on our Touch it Board today.

Mrs. Ardizzoni demonstrated how to create our illustrations on the ipads using the Drawing Pad app.

Over the last 2 weeks we have worked on a few projects that have helped us to demonstrate all we have learned about animal family classification.  We were each given a beanie baby animal and assigned to draw it on the iPad with the Drawing Pad app and then explained our drawing with the Explain Everything app.
Mrs. Ardizzoni worked with students to help them label their work.

Room 103 worked with Mrs. Ardizonni to create this video.  Watch and listen as we tell you about some of the animals and animal families we learned about.  Each child will share which animal family the animal they selected to draw is in!

Click here to see the slide show!

Library volunteers needed

The Pine Glen library needs your this link.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sight Words Set Two!

Please check the tab at the top of the blog for updates on our high frequency words and practice tools!  Set two will be going home this week.  Next word quiz will be November 20.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crazy Hat Day!

Friday, October 30th

Students can participate by wearing a “crazy hat”

  • Hats should not be shared among students
  • Hats should not cover a student’s face

Thank you!
PG Student Council

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pajama Day

We filled our popcorn jar!  Congratulations are in order for the students in room 103!  We have been working hard as a class to make sure we are kind to one another and work together toward our common goals!  We are polite students in the corridors and we work to walk in quiet straight lines.

Other teachers at Pine Glen know we are working hard and when they notice us doing a great job they offer compliments!  Any time we receive a compliment we add a scoop of popcorn to our jar.  Since we filled the far we had to decide how to celebrate.

We brainstormed a list of ideas and then voted upon our top choices.  This lead to a fun math mini-lesson on tally marks since Mrs. Hoyt used them to keep track of the votes!

Well the votes are in and we will be celebrating with a Pajama Day next week!  Students may wear pajamas to school on Thursday, October 29!........and we have already begun to fill the jar again and will be voting on our next prize before we know it!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Brrrrr...It is getting cold outside!

Winter brings the inevitable battle of getting students to put on all the winter gear before going outside.  With a class full of students and only two of us, there is often a student who manages to get out the door for the bus, or worse recess, hat-less or mitten-less.  Please know that we will be reminding everyone to wear their belongings and are helping them to dress as much as we can.

Your reminders at home are appreciated as we all want warm, healthy kids!  Please continue to work on all self-help skills so children can put on and zip their coats as well as change winter shoes and pull on mittens and gloves.


Ms. P of the Science Center presented about owls today!  We learned about the Great Horned Owl and the Barred Owl.
We learned that owls have very big eyes!  This is what we would look like if we had eyes proportionate to an owl's eyes!

Owls have sharp claws called Talons.
This 6 month old owl named Scout lives at Burlington High school but visits schools with Ms. Pavlicek!

We learned about an owl's wings and feathers.
Owl's use their tail feathers to steer.
We did not get close enough to touch Scout, but we did touch an owl that has been preserved through taxidermy!  The feathers are so soft!

Anyone can visit Scout.  He lives outside the high school in a special enclosure.  Mrs. Hoyt visited him last week!

We Are Nuts About Learning!

Our recess adventures on Friday ended under an Oak tree!  Students were challenged to fill a bucket with acorns and acorn caps.    Earlier this week we crafted acorn decorations for our classroom door.  Today we collected the real thing and then used them as part of our counting exercises during math time.

We discussed how the acorns could take root in the ground and sprout a plant and then learned a song about an acorn!    Ask your kindergartener to sing it for you!

Class leaders

Room 103 friends have lots of jobs.  Three roles that are assigned each week are classroom greeters, cheer leaders and the end of the day leader.  See above as Joel, our end of the day leader for the week sings to us and inquires how our day was!  He says, "Kindergarten, kindergarten, what do you say?  What was your favorite part of the day?"  Then he selects a person to share the highlight of their day. It is a fun routine that we stick to that helps us go home with good memories of our fun activities!

Congratulations to Hrishika!  She is our star student of the week!  Each member of the class decided upon a personal goal that they would work on.  Most goals are things that we find to be particularly challenging such as remembering to raise our hands rather than shout out or lining up quietly and being good hall neighbors.  Others are working on being great friends to everyone in the classroom.  Hrishika set her goal for the week and worked very hard at being successful!  She will have a special show and tell opportunity on Monday and we will have her picture on display in the class for the coming week!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zoo Pictures Slide Show

We had a wonderful time at the zoo last week.  Mrs. Ardizzoni joined us and let us use the Pine Glen ipods to photograph the animals.  See some of the photographs in the slide show she compiled!  Can you figure out what animal family each animal is in?

Click here to see the slide show!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seeking Magazine Donations

Room 103 is seeking old (kid friendly) magazines that we could cut up and use in class for some projects.  If you have some magazines that you would be willing to part with, please send them in!

Scholastic Book Order Reminder


Please submit your orders on line by October 23.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Exploring Our Animals and Heading to the Zoo!

The young scientists in Room 103 had lots to observe about our visiting animals last week!  We fed the tarantula a bag full of crickets and watched as she grabbed and ate them.

Then we fed the tank of cockroaches a few chunks of Mrs. Hoyt's apple and observed what happened.

We were also very excited to discover that we had babies!.....cockroach babies that is!

We learned about the lifecycle of the cockroach and concluded there must have been an egg sack buried in the wood shavings for weeks.  Very exciting!

We did journal pages explaining the animals we hoped to see when we went to the zoo.

We worked on math counting sheets with animals!

After watching the animals for a while we were busy wrapping up our writing and math exercises involving the animals and plans to go to the zoo!

Happy to arrive at the zoo and have the rain stop!

We discovered that an ostrich is very tall compared to a kindergartener!

The animals were out and active on Friday.  We were able to see and hear many animals.  The highlights included both the lions and the gorillas.

We were in awe of the momma and baby gorillas and were also impressed that the gorillas came right up to  the glass to look at us!

We were able to see a wide variety of animals from the different animal families, but we saw many more mammals.  Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennet were impressed that students were able to correctly figure out what animal family the various animals are in.