Saturday, November 28, 2015

December Newsletter has been posted on the blog!  
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Note Dates and activities:
November 30 - Welcome Michaela - We have a new classmate!
December 3 - No school parent-teacher conferences
December 4 - Word Quiz
December 10 - Field Trip - Nutcracker
December 17 - Polar Express Day -
                           students wear pajamas to school
December 23 - Room 103 - special celebration!  (fingers crossed!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November creations and games!

Students created a board game during the month of November.  With the help of our parent volunteer we each had an opportunity to practice and play the game in class.  Games help us practice appropriate play, patience and sportsmanship.  In addition, this game helps us recognize the letters we have been learning and helps us practice making the sounds connection for each letter!

Thanks-A-Lot by Raffi is one of the songs we learned.  In addition we illustrated a booklet with the words to the song.
Thanks to the generous contributions of our Room 103 families we have magazines to use as classroom resources.  Recently we hunted for pictures of items that start with particular sounds!  

We will be in need of other donations if parents would like to send in plastic grocery bags.

Kindergarten News is Expanding!

Each week room 103 collaborates to produce the Kindergarten News!  Students offer thoughts and ideas of what to include.

Students read the news and hunt for familiar words.  We circle common words found in our news.
Be sure to add lots of details to your illustration of the  highlight entry!

Teachers have added some new challenges to the kindergarten news in recent weeks.  Students are encouraged to bring the weekly news home on Fridays.  If they read it with their families, circle and highlight all the words as directed and return it on Monday morning they are eligible for special recognition!

This week we added a new section.  Highlight of the week provides an opportunity for each student to add a journal entry in which they share their favorite part of the week!  It is fun to hear what everyone loves about school!  This past week we had many highlights but the most popularly shared comment was that students love our morning greetings!
Students use words they know in their writing!  They offer very impressive work!

Honor Heroes

Students and staff are invited to wear blue, white and red clothing to school on Monday as a way of honoring the many heroes who keep us safe and care for people.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pine Glen Spirit Day!

Pine Glen Spirit Day!

Image result for pine glen elementary

When:  Wednesday November 25th - Turkey Trot and
    Walk-a-thon Day!

What to wear: Dress to impress in your Pine Glen or Green Attire!

Remember to: Bring a canned good to help support Burlington Food Pantry!

Let’s show support for our amazing school on this fun-filled day!

-Pine Glen Student Council

Gerbils, Meatballs, Clouds and the Mayflower!

Room 103 covers a lot in the course of a week!  Please see some of the photo highlights of our week's activities!

Ms. Pavlicek was back to Room 103 this week. This time she brought us a pair of gerbils.  We learned they are rodents from Mongolia!  They love to chew cardboard and need to in order to keep their teeth trimmed!  

The gerbils are an exciting addition to our room!  They move very quickly on their wheel in their cage!

Room 103 is such a fun place!  

We practiced reading and writing our sight words to help prepare for our word quiz.
We used our ipads to view the latest Let's Find Out magazine  which presented information about the Pilgrim's trip on the Mayflower!  It was a long, hard trip! Then we spent some time practicing letters with the drawing pad app.
The magic box helps us pracitce recognizing letter sounds!
At the journal table we wrote about things we are good at and things we hope to become better at.

Our new class visitors are very exciting!  We love studying and sketching them.

Our Alphabet Center has been busy with students sorting images of objects into the begining sounding letters.
Another guest reader!  Mr. Musselman of the science center was in to read Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!

Weather Wednesday!  We record the temperatures each week.  Additionally we made observations about the sun/clouds and wind.

On Wednesday Mr. Musselman  returned and presented a lesson on clouds!  We learned about many different types of clouds.  Students discussed that understanding the clouds helps us make smart guesses about what will happen in the to make predictions.

We learned that clouds are formed by environmental factors of heat (the sun), water (lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.), particles and dust (in our environment) and changes in temperatures create clouds!

Mr. Musselman brought some resources and demonstrated making a homemade cloud!  It absorbed enough water to enable it to "rain" on us!

As the cloud formed students engaged in partner discussions to make smart guesses about what was happening!

Mr. Musselman walked around with his tray of ice and let the "rain" drip on students!

The Burlington Science center also reported on this exciting lesson!  Please see the science center blog for additional photos and information about clouds!

Pine Glen Book Fair

November, 2015

Dear Parents:

Our class will be attending Pine Glen School’s Scholastic Book Fair on Tuesday, 12/1/15 at 10:00A.M.  Students are invited to browse or buy their books at this time. Wish lists will be provided so that students may record items they may want to purchase and discuss those items with their families. Please note that the Massachusetts sales tax of 6.25% will be applied to all purchases at the Book Fair. The last day to purchase items will be Friday, 12/4/15.

The fair will be open all day (8:30am-2:30pm) during Parent/Teacher conferences on Thursday, 12/3/15, and parents are invited to stop by the fair to browse for holiday gifts for their students.

As always, there is no obligation to purchase anything at the book fair. Proceeds from the Book Fair are used to purchase materials for our library.

We thank you for your support of the Book Fair and the Pine Glen Library.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Meaningful Monday!

We started our day with a lesson on bus safety presented by the Burlington Police Department.

Then Ms. Horton was in to read to us!  We enjoyed our book about cranberries for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Photo make-up day

Wednesday, November 18 is Picture Make-Up Day. If your child missed having his/her school photo taken last month,  make-up photos will be taken on Wednesday between 8:30AM-9:30AM. Please be sure to send in your photography order form on or before November 18.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


November 11th was Diwali Day!  We have a number of students in room 103 who celebrate Diwali.

We learned about Diwali, read a story, and made Rangoli and Diwali fireworks!

Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marvelous Monday

We will have a chopped up week due to PD and holidays, but the days promise to be full!  Monday was marvelous with a guest reader, Mrs. Agati.  Mrs. Agati is one of Pine Glen's music teachers.  She sang us a book!  Over The River And Trough the Woods was an excellent story/song about a family travelling for Thanksgiving!  

 Mrs. Agati enjoys reading so much that she offered to read us two stories!  Our second, Do You Do A Digeridoo? was equally popular.

 We were also visited by Ms. Zanotti, our guidance counselor who presented a life skills lesson.  This lesson included a review of previous skills such as when someone calls your name we stop what we are doing, look at the person and acknowledge them.  Yesterday we focused on appropriately listening and responding to direction.  To reinforce this new skill we played a fun game of Simon Says in which students took turns being Simon!  If Simon does not say, we do not do!

Reminder, we have no school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Diwali!