May Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We are entering the final stretch of your child’s first public school year.  We hope it has been an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Our Language Arts program this month will encourage the children’s beginning reading skills with an immersion into quality literature.  It is very important that children understand beginning reading as a process of discovering a story, and not simply an exercise in sounding out words.

Letter and sound skills will be reinforced with reading experiences.

To encourage the children’s confidence and competence as emerging authors, we will continue to work on our daily journal writing and we will be starting to work on our kindergarten culminating books.  

In Mathematics, we will be wrapping up Topic 11 and working on our EnVision Math Program Topics 12 and 13 - focussing on shapes: identifying, describing, analyzing, comparing and creating!  We will also continue our work on mathematical word problems.   

In Social Studies, we will complete a mini-unit on Community Helpers and begin our study of the map.  

We will also be discussing American symbols and the history of the American Flag.  

Our Science theme on planting will be wrapped up this month.  We have sowed our seeds, and we will continue to care for our growing plants, making sure they receive all they will need to grow up big and tall!

We will re-visit our study of animals as we prepare for our re-scheduled trip to the Franklin Park Zoo on May 19th.

We will also investigate the pond and pond life, to reinforce the animal families we have learned about this year.  We hope to take a nature walk with Ms. Pavlicek to view the Pine Glen grounds pond and also learn about living versus non-living things.  A note will be sent home the day before our walk to remind students to wear long pants, long sleeves and sneakers for the nature walk.

Spring is a busy time in Kindergarten as we make the most of our final school days.  HAPPY SPRING!!!!!

Karen Hoyt & Emily Miliano

Calendar of Events

We have a fun filled last few weeks of learning planned for Room 103!   Please save this note for reference for all of our events.  You can also refer to the June Calendar that your child created at school.  Volunteers welcome! - If you would like to join us for one of these special events, please contact Mrs. Hoyt.  In most cases we would welcome some extra help!  Thank you for all your support this year!

May 22 - Science Exploration
Students will be working to understand the impact of the sun on ice. We Watch for permission slip to be sent home regarding popsicles.  Parent volunteer needed.

May 26 - Science and Engineering Challenges
Students will be working to understand the impact of the sun on ice and popsicles and will then be challenged to create a structure to keep their popsicles from melting!   Watch for permission slip to be sent home regarding popsicles.  Parent volunteers welcome.

Friday, June 2nd  - Field Games
We will participate in some field games and relay races! Please pack an extra water or two as we may be very hot!
Thursday, June 15th - Family Gathering
We are preparing for a mini singing concert and are getting our books ready to share.  We are very excited about having all parents visit our classroom.  We hope you all can come.  (12:30-1:00) please sign in at the office before coming to our classroom.  

Monday, June 19th
Bingo and 2nd Grade Reading Partners- We will play different Bingo and math games and we will also share books with our 2nd grade reading partners.  Please allow your child to bring a book they would like to share with their 2nd grade friends.

Tuesday, June 20th - Movie Voting
Please bring in a “G” rated movie today so we can vote on what we will watch on Thursday, June 22.

Tuesday, June 20th - Kindergarten Water Day
If the weather cooperates with us we will celebrate the end of kindergarten with a water day!  We will be outside for the majority of the day.  Please send your child to school with a bathing suit, towel, some type of shoe that can be worn in the water, and some type of cover-up.  Also, please apply sunscreen to your child before sending them to school.

Wednesday, June 21st- Bring a board game
Please allow your child to choose 1 game to bring to school.  Please make sure the game is labeled and your child KNOWS how to play the game.  We will share the games and be able to visit more during our last few days of kindergarten.  Board games will be sent home on Thursday, 6/22.  

Thursday, June 22nd – Movie Day
We hope to fill our compliments jar so we will have our Movie Day.  Please have your child bring in their favorite “G” rated movie on Tuesday, June 20th. We will have a class vote on which movie we should watch.  In addition, we will be sending home a special “Party in a bag”  so we can celebrate the end of the school year.

Friday, June 23rd- Last day of school
This will be a half day.  Dismissal is usually @ 11:30 am.  A note will go home with specifics closer to the last day.  If your child will be riding the bus home it will be with all the other elementary students.  We will not be going to lunch. Please pack your child a peanut free snack and drink.  As always you are welcome to pick up your child on this day, you will have to follow the morning drop off routine to pick up your child.

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