May Newsletter

Dear Room 103 Families,
We are entering the final stretch of your child’s first public school year.  We hope it has been an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Our Language Arts program this month will continue to encourage the children’s beginning reading skills with an immersion into quality literature.  It is very important that children understand beginning reading as a process of discovering a story, and not simply an exercise in sounding out words.

Letter and sound skills will be reinforced with reading experiences.

To encourage the children’s confidence and competence as emerging authors, we will continue to work on our daily writing and we will be starting to work on our kindergarten culminating books.  

In Mathematics, our EnVision Math Program will focus on shapes: identifying, describing, analyzing, comparing and creating!  We will also work mathematical word problems.

In Social Studies, we will complete a mini-unit on Community Helpers and begin our study of the map, and will also be discussing American symbols such as the American Flag.  

Our Science theme on planting will be wrapped up this month.  We have sowed our seeds, and we will continue to care for our growing plants, making sure they receive all they will need to grow up big and tall!

An investigation of ponds and pondlife is planned!  
Our study of animal life-cycles during April will continue as we learn about the life-cycle of frogs and butterflies this month!

Spring is a busy time in Kindergarten as we make the most of our final school days.  HAPPY SPRING!!!!!

Karen Hoyt & Emily Miliano

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