Wish List

Updated - April 9-

As we approach the homestretch in our school year there are few supplies that would like to ensure remain plentiful.  Please consider contributing the following:

Chalk (2 or 3 small containers)
Bubbles (15 -30 mini bottles for activites)
Shaving Cream - 3-4 cans of an inexpensive brand
Water Balloons  -
     - We need the balloons and will welcome volunteers to help fill them at a later date!
2-3 rolls of Bounty paper towels
2-3 boxes of tissues
wet wipes - we strive to contain our germs and messes!

The most valuable contribution of course is you and your time!  Please check student folder for recent invitations.  We are welcoming parents to help us with our community helpers unit, are reaching out to make connections with friends throughout the world and invite you to help us make contacts, and continue to invite you to volunteer in our classroom.  We may be in need of additional help with our upcoming trip to the zoo on May 19. Be sure to let Mrs. Hoyt know of your availability right away!

Thank you!

We strive to learn in creative ways.  Sometimes this approach has our teachers scrambling for supplies.  Perhaps you can help us out by contributing something from our wishlist.

Tennis Balls
Left over small birthday party favors
old stationary
bounty paper towels

Your Time - we love having volunteers in our classroom!

If you have something that you would like to contribute, please email Mrs. Hoyt at khoyt@bpsk12.org so she can remove it from the wish list.  Items may be sent in children's backpacks.

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