Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Photo Support for Future Yearbook

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Pine Glen Elementary School Principal's Blog

Posted: 29 Sep 2015 10:02 AM PDT
The PTO sponsors the creation of a Fifth Grade Yearbook that is typically presented to students after the Moving Up Ceremony in June. Parents on the Yearbook Committee find acquiring pictures of students from prior years to be time consuming because parents or guardians have to look through a lot of photos.  The Yearbook Committee has asked me to please ask parents to save pictures over the years in a file so they are easy to find when students are in fifth grade.  Examples of pictures to save would be from concerts, field day, field trips, and grade specific events such as fourth grade’s Rocket Day.  A Photo Parent would be an individual who saved these photos over the years to share when his or her child was in fifth grade for the yearbook.  Any parent of a student at any grade can be a Photo Parent.  

A terrific tool to organize these photos is Dropbox.   Dropbox can be found in an app version. It helps organize photos by date and the user can create multiple files within it.  In addition, the photos and albums in it are accessible from any device.  Another great organizational tool is Google Drive.  A recent article from CNET OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: Which cloud storage service is right for you? discusses some of the some of these tools.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Field Trip Alert

Volunteers are still needed for our upcoming field trip.  If we do not have enough volunteers we will not be able to go.  Please complete Zoo Field trip permission slips and return by Friday, October 2 and consider joining us for the trip!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lots Happening in Room 103

The writing and coloring station is always a hit.
Practicing letter writing.
Mrs. Perry helps us with activities.
We read our Mother Goose books.
Hunting for our sight words in the Mother Goose book.
Practicing our pencil grip with the pincher game.
Preparing for next month........making calendar pieces.
Ms. Horton was in to work with us!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apple seed estimate

We have been estimating the number of seeds in different apples.
Today we checked the number of seeds in a Golden Delicious apple.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Information and Things to Know

Pine Glen class picture day is next Tuesday, September 29.  Individual photos will be taken along with class photos.  Information on ordering photo packages will be sent home on Thursday, September 24.

Wondering why an occasional paper is going home incomplete in the green communication folder and what needs to be done? - We are all working at staying focused and getting our work done during the school day.  The start of the school year, and especially the kindergarten school year is a big change.  Sometimes students are distracted and are unable to complete all tasks during our work time.  We do a lot in our day! Occasionally Mrs .Hoyt will send  missed work so students may complete it at home.

Room 103 Practices Apple Greetings!

Shake hands and look your friend in the eye!

As we are working to know one another we practice fun greetings in the morning.  This morning we did an apple greeting.  Pick an apple from the floor and read the person's name.  Then find that friend and say good morning with a handshake!

More Greetings!

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Apple Picking Greetings!

It is fun getting to know our new friends!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We are in the BPS news!

We are on Instagram! Click to see and follow Burlington Schools on Instagram.  We were caught reading our Mother Goose books, listening to our Scholastic Magazine, Let's Find Out and trying out the sand table for the first time on Tuesday!

For more information about Burlington Public Schools subscribe to receive Burlington's newsletter.  Our class photo is featured in the most recent edition!  The option to subscribe is in the uppermost top left corner.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Scholastic News Reminder

If you plan to order from Scholastic during the September campaign, please do so by Friday, September 25.  October fliers and order information will be sent home on Monday, September 28.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Please be sure to check the green communication folder daily.  Try to keep informational papers at home.  Some of our folders are getting to full as papers are being stored in them.  It is best to keep these in a special place at home.

Thank you!


Last week we began working with our Fundations program!  Students practiced letter formation  by rainbow writing the letter in their own workbooks.  We started with the letters t and b.

Paper Bags Needed

Throughout the school year we will be seeking donations of various supplies.  We are seeking brown handled paper bags at the moment.  If you shop at Trader Joe's or Roche Bros. and have some extra bags, please consider sharing them with us!

Everybody Reads

Everybody Reads!

On Friday our friends from Ms. Varrell's second grade classroom visited us and played the role of teachers.  Second grade students paired up with kindergarten students to read to us.  We plan to work with the "Big Kids" throughout the school year!

Additionally, we hope to have guest readers in to visit each week!  The message - everybody reads and enjoys reading!  Who can read to us ? Students in upper grades, parents and grandparents, secretaries, our principal, the nurse, and other members of our Pine Glen team are welcome. Outside visitors such as police officers and firemen read too!)

Mrs. Hoyt loves to see her former kindergartners shining as  peer leaders!

This was a special treat as some of our 2nd graders are older siblings!

Will you will consider reading for us?  Bring a favorite book of your own or we can have a book ready for you.  The timing for your visit can be quite flexible.  We will work around schedules to the best of our ability.  Plus, we are working on options to have readers from afar....guest readers via a Google Hangout.

Please contact Mrs. Hoyt by leaving a comment(it will not post live to the blog) or emailing her at khoyt@bpsk12.org.

Kindergarten News

Our first edition of the kindergarten news went home on Friday.

Students worked hard to create the news, sharing ideas and helping select the words.  We read the news each week and hunt for specific words.  (Word list was sent home at Open House).  Please help your children read the news at home.  It is a great way for you to stay connected about what we are doing in the classroom.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Parent Help Wanted

Room 103 is in need of parent volunteers to serve as room parents to help with the coordination of special events and activities.

Additionally the PTO is looking for volunteers who would like to help with managing grade level photos to ensure they are available for 5th grade year book preparations.

Room 103 in the press

Room 103 was highlighted in the Pine Glen LTC blog!  See the post and learn more about the LTC by visiting the blog at http://pineglenltc.blogspot.com/

Lunch Menu change

Friday, September 18 - lunch menu change - Papa Gino's Pizza instead of Dominos...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Open House Follow-up

Thank you to all who were able to join us for open house last night.  Those who were unable to make it will receive a packet in the back packs today.

There are a few follow-up tidbits.........

- Please make note of the small card tucked into the right side of your folders.  It will be a great reference tool for you when reading the news at home!

- Sight Words are heading home!  We had intended to distribute the first set of sight word flashcards last night at open house.  Watch for them in your child's communication folders.  See the tab across the top of this blog for an electronic practice tool!

-Our blog does allow for comments.  Later in the year we will be encouraging you to make offer some, but in the mean time you are welcome to do so!  When we study the map we may be asking if there are family members in other parts of the world/country who may be peeking at our work......
Note:  comments are moderated, therefore they do not all get posted and there is a delay before they appear.

Any questions?.....please shoot us an email.

Updated information from Pine Glen PTO

We have a new website! http://pineglenpto.org/  Please visit our new website and click on SUBSCRIBE! in the top menu to receive PTO communication via email.  We really hope to go paperless this year!   

Also, the PTO has decided to NOT have membership dues this year. All families and staff are automatically PTO members.

The big PTO fundraisers this year will be:
November 25th:  Walk-a-thon
March/April:  Square 1 Art
March 19th: Spring Carnival

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fast Friends!

Everyone has made some new friends in room 103!  They love recess time when there is an opportunity to be together and have fun.
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Mrs. Ardizzoni, Pine Glen's technology integration specialist was in and introduced us to the proper use of iPads today.  She challenged us to create self-portraits using the Drawing pad app.  It was a very popular work station!

Monday, September 14, 2015

We took the pledge! We are ready to learn!

Students added their thumbprints after taking the pledge!

We took the pledge and promise to read every day!

We are ready to learn!

Learning is hard work and lots of fun!  We are a great team!

Meet Ms Zanotti!

Ms. Zanotti, Pine Glen's guidance counselor was in to visit room 103 today!  She read us a story and told us about all the ways she will be helping us this year.  Ms. Zanotti will be back to help us with our social skills lessons.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Meet our teachers!

Echo the owl will be helping us with our Fundations lessons!
Ms. Justice, Pine Glen's substitute teacher visits room 103 whenever she is available.
 We will visit Ms. Carney, our school librarian on Fridays.

Mr. Lord is Pine Glen's ELL teacher.  He will be supporting us this year!

Morning routine down pat!

It has been a busy week but we are establishing routines that will carry us through the entire school year.  Follow the photos from the bottom to the top to see all we need to do when arriving at school.

The last step is to read a book until all our classmates are ready to start.
Next we sign in using our magnetic projection lunch chart.
Students stop at the hand sanitizer station to get a squirt and help contain the potential spread of germs.
After handing in the green communication folder students check the morning message and answer the question of the day.


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A few observations from our first week.

The start of the school year can be very busy, tiring and a bit overwhelming.  Everyone is doing quite well.  That said, we would like to share a couple of observations and thoughts to help the positive energy continue.

1- Eat a big breakfast.  It may be difficult but we do encourage you to get a good meal into your children in the morning.  We eat lunch around 11:00 am.  They are all quite hungry by the time we are sitting to eat.

2- Pack an extra water.  There is a water fountain down the hall from our classroom but it is not conveniently located for a quick drink.  At times we are quite thirsty.  If students had a water bottle on top of their cubbie they could have a quick sip at the ready.

3- Rest, rest, rest - We are quite busy the entire time we are at school.  The children have done well thus far but we are noticing that many are tired during the last hour.  We had a couple friends ready to put their heads on the tables for a little rest!  The second week will be a little more challenging for all  in terms of stamina and staying focused for a school day.  If possible, we recommend tucking everyone into bed a little earlier in general.

Note:  All these recommendations apply to the teachers as well.  We are trying to eat a healthy breakfast to give us the energy to work through the morning.  We are packing lots of water bottles to have on hand and we are certainly trying to get to bed early!

Speak or read in another language?

This blog is available with translation.  Click the button on right and select the language you would like to view the blog in.  We hope this is a helpful tool to our students' families.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Newsletter

Our September Newsletter has been posted.  See the link tab to the September Newsletter along the top of this blog.  A hard copy for this newsletter will be sent home.  Future newsletters will only be available on line.

More pictures from our day

 We spent some time writing this afternoon.  Students have begun to create books, "All About Me"!