Sunday, April 9, 2017

Math Mystery Solved in 3 Acts!

District Math Coordinator returned to room 103 last week to lead us in a 3 Act Math lesson.  The students really enjoyed this style of lesson and the discussion we had were very impressive!  We started by looking at an image that showed a pile of red and yellow tiles and we had to comment on the the picture and ponder what we may wonder.

Our ponderings led us to a discussion of how many tiles there might be in all.  So, we estimate and sorted our estimations into groups.

We the watched a brief video in which the pile in the image was being sorted, but the video ends before the pile is completely sorted and it is up to us to try to figure out what we think the total number of tiles actually is!

We went to our tables and used our own piles of tiles and worked through our thoughts any way we wanted to!  The teachers encouraged us but did not tell us how to go about solving this mystery.  Many different approaches were taken!

We gathered back on the rug to share our thoughts and notes.  Students had to explain their thinking.  

In the end we watched a final video that completed the sorting.  Amazingly nearly all of us had figured out the solution that there were 21 tiles in all!  Thank you Mrs. Fortunato!  We loved 3-Act Math!

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