Monday, January 23, 2017

Kind Kids are Cool!

As we prepared to open our class post office we brainstormed all the nice things that we might want to write to friends when communicating via hand-written notes.  This discussion led us to the conclusion that we should always do our best to demonstrate the attributes of good friends.  To help us practice living up to the expectations of good friends we decided to wear the words.  As you can see we are peaceful, kind, respectful, funny, brave, wonderful and smiling!

They wore their names as they worked on their dictionaries.

Students continued to smile as they worked on their procedural posters.

We were thoughtful and respectful during morning meeting on the rug.

And we were cheerful while reading our Scholastic magazines.

We continue to be all smiles as we share our blankets, quilts and afghans.  

The highlight of revealing each person's treasure is the opportunity to measure the area.  We have loved measuring with our bodies!

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  1. What a wonderful lesson! I love your idea, Mrs. Hoyt! Please tell your class that they are fabulous models of what it means to be Pine Glen Citizens. I predict that a hoot card may be arriving for your class soon.... ~ Miss Varrell