Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Warm spirits and bodies with Blankets, Quilts and Afghans!

During the month of January we will be keeping warm with a fun, blanket/quilt/afghan project. Students have each been assigned a day in the month to bring in their special item.  We asked the students not to talk about their special item so we can have more fun with this project!

To kick things off Ms. Miliano read one of Mrs. Hoyt's favorite books to the class on Tuesday, The Quilt Maker's Gift.  Mrs. Hoyt has brought in a collection of quilts she has made and that her children have received.  Students will explore them, read with them and measure them independently over the next few weeks.  

Our first student presented today. To start the sharing we play a game of 20 questions to see if the class can figure out what is inside the bag and what features the special item may have. Students will be practicing oral language skills by formulating questions and asking them in complete sentences! The students need to listen to each others questions to try not to "waste" any question by repeating something that has already been asked. After the 20 questions have been asked the special item is revealed and we compare and see how many things were guessed!

Next we are on to the math part of this special blanket project. The students will take turns measuring the special item using the base 10 rods. We have instructed how to measure accurately with these rods so our calculations are correct. The students will be measuring the length and width of the blankets, quilts and afghans and then we will be using nonstandard measurements to find out the area of the special items. Depending on how big the item that is brought in is the students will decide how the kindergartners will use their bodies to calculate the area. The choices are having the kindergartners stand on the blanket, sit on the blanket or lay on the blanket!

Brooke shared her blanket today.  We had 13 questions that earned a yes answer, 5 that were no and 2 wasted questions.  Not bad for our first day! 

Brooke shared that she likes to sleep with her Ana and Elsa blanket.

It is 10 rods wide and 12 rods long.  We therefore determined through our observations that it's length is more than it's width!  Our math wizards were able to count by 10's and realized that the measurements would be 100 cubes by 120 cubes if we used cubes instead of rods!  Wow!

Finally, Brooke opted to measure the area using students standing up.  The are of her blanket was 14 students plus one teacher standing up!

Mrs. Hoyt helped us remember that we must start our measurements at the very edge of the blanket in order to be accurate.

Our quilt adventures will continue as we create paper quilts that not only will involve precision in cutting paper shapes, but lots of sharing about ourselves as well.  The warmth of sharing and friendships will help us get through these cooler months.

We are looking forward to seeing what all our students bring in to share with us. Thank you for your help!

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