Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reading Groups!

Reading Groups have begun in room 103!  For many of us this is a very special time!  Students enjoy the opportunity to work in small groups with a teacher.  They show so much pride in the accomplishment of reading and love to share this skill at home.

Each time students work in a small reading group they will be sent home with a reading pouch and be given the direction to do additional reading at home.  Typically beginning readers are told to read the book at home multiple times.  They can read to a parent or sibling, a stuffed animal or pet or even to someone on the telephone or via a face time conversation!  Reading the familiar text will help students build fluency and confidence!

We practice attending to what we are reading by previewing our books and looking at the pictures, hunting for familiar words and attempting to decode some tricky words before we read.  Then we keep our focus on one word at a time by using our fingers as a guide as we read the words!  Our teachers try to give us books that are the "just right" challenge to help us read!

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