Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week in Review - January 13

Our work with blankets, quilts and afghans continued this week.  Students continued to measure the area of their toasty treasures using their bodies.  The area of the blanket above was so big we needed to invite 2 teachers and 3 first graders to join us and help measure!

We had our first afghan in to see and measure and we have a huge blanket that required us to borrow more rods from neighboring classes!

As we continue our mock Caldecott voting, we read Freedom in Congo Square with Ms. Small this week.  It tied in nicely to our study of Martin Luther King, Jr.  and our discussion of unfair rules and laws.  

Ms. P visited us again.  This time she wanted to talk about the Jan Brett story, The Mitten.  We talked about the animals in the story and where they live.  Then we focused on just one animal, not found in North America, the hedgehog.  Ms. P taught us all about the hedgehog and then introduced us to Pearl, the Science Center's hedgehog!

Even though she is covered with sharp quills, we were able to gently stroke her!

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